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Do Mermaids Get Periods? or, Explaining The Menstrual Cycles of Various Mythological Creatures" from the Mary Sue

From the Mary Sue. :D When this first published, I could not stop laughing at the comments (at least from 9 days ago, they were very civil and funny as heck). They also proved fascinating, like the zombie/mummy discussion (aren't mummies self-aware individuals--more or less--requiring consent should you wish to fornicate with one?).


Honestly, figuring out the possible answers to unreal questions is what makes fantasy storytelling so much fun. :)


This quote from the comments wins it for me:


by brainmist:


"Much of the appeal of the mermaid fantasy disappears when Ariel leaves a pile of eggs, then waits patiently off to the side for her prince to sprinkle his milt on them."