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WonderCon Anaheim 2013:

A Little Book of Monsters - Llyn Hunter The Woodcutter - Kate Danley Maggie for Hire - Kate Danley Maggie Get Your Gun - Kate Danley The Dark Victorian: Bones - Elizabeth Watasin

Wondercon Anaheim 2013 was an extremely good show for me. It was where I debut paperbacks of Dark Victorian: BONES, and finally having print books at a show (long story), meant that as an author I was clearly selling stories. So people who liked Steampunk, neo-Victorian Gothic books came and Bought, and that's a wonderful thing when you're indie and self-published! :)


I met two really great writers who were in the same small press row as I was, and the knowledge-sharing was fierce. I could only find 1 title by Llyn Hunter at BookLikes, but she has 3 of these Little Book of Monsters out, beautifully designed, written, and illustrated by her. They are very pretty little books. SIDENOTE, like Llyn, I'm also the illustrator of my own books. I get that a lot: "You drew this?" Yes, I drew that! ;) And wrote it, and laid it out, but my typographer is the venerable Tom Orzechowski, and his logos are worth the $$$. :)


But back to my writer friends! Llyn is also a storyboardist as well as hard-working illustrator, having won an Emmy for her work on Animaniacs. So check her gorgeous work out and especially get them for the fantasy aspect, they are deeply researched and well written in verse!


Kate Danley is an utter sweetheart, not only does she have a best-selling fantasy title in the Woodcutter but also a topnotch urban fantasy series with her kick-ass heroine, Maggie. Kate is also an actor and can do a drop-dead Awesome Mary Poppins cosplay. Oh my goodness, heart-heart!


Pics! Here's Kate, not as Poppins!:


Here's Llyn *in my riding hat*! I should have asked to try on her fez!



And here's me at my small press table at Wondercon 2013, fresh on a Friday! Photo courtesy of Michael D. Hamersky!



more later!