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Charm School Graphique Vol 1 (Volume 1) - Elizabeth Watasin

Of course the moment I reshare something from the feed, I lose my place in the scrolling. Argh! Well, I'm weeks behind, but now I've seen some of the past weeks' posts. :D You all read so many books!! Good for you. :)


I've finally published another book, and this one is a graphic novel (or graphic album). Charm School Graphique Vol 1 was a real learning experience for me with regards digital publishing of black and white art (and trying to get that animated Flip Corner to work in the . . . corner).


This volume, so far only available in print because making a digital version will be tedious, contains Charm School No 1 and 2, new illustrations, 4-5 more pages of new Bunny and Fairer Than material, and a new Fey Dently: Vampyre story. It also contains an animation (not terribly sophisticated, but it'll do) in the lower right-hand corner. Flipped with your fingers, of course, very 'meat space'. ;)


I'd run a pre-order on the book at my site where my supporters get a collectible bookmark (very pretty), 3 bookplate stickers (also Very Pretty), a 1" pinback (very punk rock), and because I was late in mailing pre-orders out due to unforeseen digital printing errors (all a learning experience), I threw in the vintage mini-poster of Charm School that Slave Labor Graphics, my original publisher, issued, plus a complimentary art print, of either Charm School or Dark Victorian.


When I do one of these personal promo things, I really like to make a 'club' kit of it all, it's fun and I love spoiling my supporters. :) I'd do the same to my mailing folks if only I'd hurry up and relaunch that too.


Ramble! I have to work on Vol 2, of course, and there are many novels-in-progress on the back burner. I still haven't properly promoted my new photo Dark Victorian covers (will do that soon). I notice they haven't aggregated to here, so I'll be posting them in the blog.


I'm also freelancing, working on a very nice non-profit project that pays Not Very Much but better that than working for bigger bucks for not very nice people on something I'm uncomfortable with. Am also in the process of pitching on something I hope to land. More on that later. Or not, if it falls through.


I will be at San Diego Comic-Con as a guest on the panel: LGBT Comics for Young Readers, FRIDAY, July 25th, 2pm, room number as yet unknown! I may also be signing at the PRISM Comics booth, time slot also unknown! Out of the Billions of bodies attending, find me there! :D




And I am very happy to announce that San Diego Comic Fest, in October, will have me as a Steampunk guest for their events programming, courtesy of their Steampunk coordinator, Veronique Chevalier. This is a great all-ages event with science fiction, comic books, artists, and steampunk and definitely a more manageable (and therefore, probably more fun) media convention than the monster, SDCC.




Cake is in the oven! Literally. AS soon as things settle down(?) somewhat, I need to get back to Writing. I hope everyone here is doing well!


all the best,