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Wondercon 2014, booth SP-043!
Wondercon 2014, booth SP-043!
Bringing bookplate stickers
Bringing bookplate stickers
e-books loaded on to Tesla bulb 8GB USB drives
e-books loaded on to Tesla bulb 8GB USB drives
Made more 1" buttons/pinbacks
Made more 1" buttons/pinbacks

WONDERCON!! It's that time of year again *_*  Held in the lovely Anaheim Convention Center (near some place called 'Disneyland'), I will be slinging books at attendees from my location at Small Press SP-043, in magnificent HALL C. Stop by! Don't duck!


Charm School Graphique Vol 1 was supposed to be in print by then, but after adding 8 new pages (plus all the other filler---and that animated flip corner* * *Stay Tuned, I'll explain Later* * *), I said, 'nope', not going to happen. I'm currently 4 pages away from finishing. Funny how a few weeks ago when I made the decision, publisher-me wanted to sock artist-me (I mean really---WONDERCON!! Why be there, then?), but artist-me walloped her with a chair and she hasn't gotten up since. ART. It's what keeps us going.


But what really keeps us going is art that tells stories. And frankly, I'd really like to return to the art of the Word. 4 more pages of sequential art that I could have written as a short story in a few nights rather than spend 2-3 weeks figuring out how to get drawn. Dark Victorian: Risen would have taken me 8 years in comic book form. :-p


The Pictures: I'll be sharing my table with the esteemed Kim Dwinell, illustrator and graphic novelist of Surfside Girls (a book TBA). Besides my Dark Victorian books I'll have bookplate stickers, made as a perk for the Charm School Graphique Vol 1 pre-order. E-Books loaded on to USB drives, leather ones and these light bulbs I fondly market as 'Tesla' bulbs. And I'll be bringing 1" inch pinback buttons too (I try to design new ones for each event), because it's punk rock, and also, chicks dig them. :D


Another thing happening whilst I'm at Wondercon: the photo cover shoot for the Dark Victorian books is finally ready to go. Model will fly in to the photographer's location, the commissioned outfit will hopefully be ready (the dress designer will Make It Sew!), and then another kind of wonderful creativity will start.


Thus, we spring into Spring. IF you are at Wondercon, come say hi! Otherwise, I wish you all an Extraordinary weekend. :)


all the best,