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In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
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Emi Thompson's Clockwork Twist and Janice T's ECHOES at FOGcon 2014
Emi Thompson's Clockwork Twist and Janice T's ECHOES at FOGcon 2014
Elizabeth Watasin's Dark Victorian books at FOGcon 2014!
Elizabeth Watasin's Dark Victorian books at FOGcon 2014!

Another year of FOGcon, Friends of Genre fiction, has come and gone, and I still haven't been present personally. :-P I thank writer friends Janice T (who provided these pics), and Emily Thompson for exhibiting my books with theirs! Gratitude!


If there were two of me, one to run about and promote and (finally) squeeze in workshops and panels, and the other to Write and make books, that would be cool. I think. I've yet to think through the ramifications of being cloned or split in two.


But since it's not possible for me to be in two places at one time (in my ignorance of dimensional manipulation), doing entirely two different things with great passion, sincerity, or whatever passes for obsessiveness (and selfishness), I must CHOOSE!


This is the year of making All The Books. I've finally laid out Charm School Graphique Vol One and I need to draw 3 more illustrations to round out that book plus receive the Foreword, graciously provided by Trina Robbins, a wonderful woman, cartoonist, and living historical figure. The digital comics version is up to 7 issues in DRM-free PDF format and 4 issues (still) in Kindle format. I'm still in the process of making the PDFs available (website hijinks), and I ought to start uploading the Kindle versions, even if they're all not converted yet (for review purposes). I've made the first submission to ComiXology but 'twill be a long while before I learn if I'm accepted into that selling venue.


Isn't the business of Making Books FUN? It beats emptying trash cans. Now whenever it pays more than panhandling on the street, I shall be doubly happy about this sick, sick passion. ;)


all the best,