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#amwriting 8K+ words on "Alice At The Vesta" (or the "The Vesta", still not decided). 10K limit on this steampunk anthology invite. >_< I think I've 1/4 more of story to write, and that may hit at 13-15K. I'd hate to withdraw from the antho, but I'll know in a few more nights if that must be so. :-/ Story is its usual density with lots of characters despite being one point of view. It also depicts the 'downstairs' of the Vesta. And no, the "Alice" is not the one of Wonderland, maybe I ought to drop that part (I can imagine reviews saying this is Lewis Carroll's Alice as a Victorian cross-dresser and servant at an exclusive London club. Yes, yes, exactly. :-p). I also once told myself I'd never write a 'downstairs' story because it would require too much research. So what do I do? Research:




FASCINATING. I was always getting pantries and larders mixed up.

Charm School's digital comics still at #4, 5 more to go. Print book volume one still needing more pages. Goood night. ^v^