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Many things ( steampunk ):

. . . all it takes is a wee virus to knock me down for 2 weeks, and everything gets out of hand in that time! ;) Still coughing and counting, but we'll beat this yet.


THINGS: Just to cover things Happening, author Melanie Karsak hosts her SteamU in which guests give presentations on aspects of steampunk. As her latest guest, I take you into the world of The Dark Victorian. ^v^ Please visit to read an excerpt from Dark Victorian: BONES, where my heroine and agent of the Secret Commission, Artifice, visits the Royal Aquarium Exposition Palace and Pleasure Gardens for the first time and where a certain notorious journalist and the object of Art's affections, Lady Helia Skycourt, resides.




And at Steampunk Chronicle, I'm really pleased to find this wonderful review of Dark Victorian: RISEN by Prof Vernon Martin. The review, "I'll Take My Victorian Dark, Please!", can be found here: http://steampunkchronicle.com/ArticleView/tabid/238/ArticleId/385/Ill-Take-My-Victorian-Dark-Please.aspx


It is nice to know that my efforts are appreciated! :)


There was also a very positive RISEN review at Absurdly Nerdly:



And my books plus my editor's, JoSelle Vanderhooft (who's working on the Charm School novella I just finished), have been added by Danika of The Lesbrary to her list of "Lesbian Steampunk Books" over at Goodreads. I thank her for the addition and hope you'll all visit and check out what's on there!:



More to come, because I'm behind on everything. :-p


all the best, ~~eee