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( I need to write a plot synopsis so you know what I'm talking about )

Body Chase, The Fall of Fairer Than: Has been sent to the beta-reader. v^v (I'm exhausted). The story had been sitting in me since 2002 or even earlier. I've probably mentioned this before, but the first CS story was Bunny's, then it would be Dean's, and then the 'last' story arc would be Fairer Than's. What I might have done in sequential art would have been different from what I finished in long fiction today. The story would have been the Same, the timing and some of the story and character actions, probably not. 'Tis the nature of two different story mediums. To draw characters inhabiting the bodies of other characters would have meant I'd go for the shortest scenes possible for optimum comedic (or Tragic) effect. ;)

When I first thought of 'The Fall of Fairer Than', it was of a pivotal scene between Bunny and Fairer Than in a rowboat. That sort of sounds funny but it's not, it's a very . . . it's a very significant scene. And perhaps I feel a little drained tonight knowing that now it's truly left me and will soon go out into the world. This is good. Stories need to come out and become something.


More Later. I have to get those Charm School graphic albums and digital comics set up. :)