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In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
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The new Sundark: Elle Black Penny Dread cover
The new Sundark: Elle Black Penny Dread cover

( It's going to take a while before the new Sundark cover aggregates to here! )




On the occasion of everyone receiving New Devices and shiny monies under the tree, I've dropped prices on my e-books at Amazon. So download some steampunk novels with uncanny female sleuths, fighting evil in a mechanical, supernatural London. Happy Holidays and Enjoy! :) These geolinks will take you to any Amazon in the 'verse! (It's true! If you're in Spain, click on the link and it will take you to Amazon Spain!).

SUNDARK: An Elle Black Penny Dread, Amazon Geolink: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00F4E1TY8

Dark Victorian: BONES, Amazon Geolink: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00B58ZGFK

Dark Victorian: RISEN, Amazon Geolink: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B007TYV32Y


(pitch done!)

In other news, perhaps having so many things in the works is a good thing *_* (well, it all depends; must not get overwhelmed and all that and risk is Risk). Too many new things need seeing to fruition in the first part of 2014, which may lead to more things, or not, or disappoint me in not getting done. What I've learned about getting things done is to:

1) Simplify


2) Change the game plan


Working on the second, addressing the first. IT doesn't help that I've 5 Charm School graphic albums planned (4 of which have artwork done), Dark Victorian: Everlife, Poison Garden: An Elle Black Penny Dread, and one more title that starts another wholly different series. That's not simplicity, what am I thinking??  ~~v^v  (upside down bat).


Therefore, I've cut events for 2014, and I do need to lock myself out of social media. Here's to writing faster, better, and publishing more awesome Stories. :D