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In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
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Whew! Nice, long BookLikes feed ;)

RISEN (Dark Victorian, Vol. 1) - Elizabeth Watasin

I'm not sure what happened, perhaps those 'few days' I was away from BookLikes was actually more than that. So many posts to read! ;)


I'm digging all the book reviews everyone's doing, across a spectrum of genres. I am a terrible book lover---I buy tons of them about every subject but have them slotted for reading 'some day'. Non-fiction research for my own books comes first. So I end up vicariously enjoying books through the readership of people here at BookLikes. And then I secretly add the books to my various wishlists at Amazon. ;)


I might have said this when I first joined BookLikes, but just to remind myself now that it's the end of the year; I really like it here. I enjoy the interface, I enjoy how it doesn't stress me out. I particularly enjoy the posts by people I've added. I don't feel like I need to perform, or commit to a marketing plan, or maintain some 'author' veneer. I never took to Goodreads (it gave me stress), LibraryThing is still an odd thing, and we'll not talk about places like Shelfari.


What's funny is I keep forgetting to upload more books to my BookLikes collection. I buy tons of used books (by the piles, mostly Victorian subject matter, for now), so data entry is a bit daunting. Plus the fact that all such books would only be filed under "To Be Read". But I feel no pressure to gussy up my archive and with that oppressive guilt gone, I can just scroll through and read tidbits on what everyone else is reading.


But back to some promo! Because that always needs doing. Here it is:


Am happy that Dark Victorian: RISEN was approved for a daily email matching booklovers with books, sent by The Fussy Librarian to its discerning audience! Thank you, Fussy! :)

"Bewildered by the number of books out there? Choose from 40 genres, select content preferences such as amount of sex and violence, and TheFussyLibrarian.com emails you daily deals."



And there you go! Have to disappear again because the latest manuscript needs to get DONE. Then beta-read, then fixed by me, then off to the patiently waiting editor. For 2014, must make graphic novels too. KEEP reading your many books whilst I do all that. :D