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A great review of SUNDARK by V.C., LGBT Author

Sundark: An Elle Black Penny Dread - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft

It's great knowing I'm doing something Right. ;) (ha ha, that threw me back to the '90's---ok, never mind). People in general have always enjoyed my stuff, mostly women (of the mostly 'straight' variety, married, with children, and who are just happy to know my stuff is here), and older men. Forget certain demographics. The stories I tell most all have women who love women as protagonists but I don't (and won't) strictly interpret them, nor define them to certain expectations, from the lgbt community and otherwise.


There was a point with Charm School where the publisher said to me (and he was right): you've hit a glass ceiling, we can't get your book into any of the feminist or gay/lesbian bookstores. Do something new. (This was around 2002).


Since then, 'queer' subject matter has become everywhere in books and media; even straight women are writing it. Times are very different now, and it's interestingly just like one comic book reviewer said to me at Long Beach Comic-Con: now is probably the time for my stuff to be presented again. Because now everyone is ready. ;)


V.C. is a most open-minded and perceptive person, I'm glad and thankful she enjoyed SUNDARK: An Elle Black Penny Dread and appreciates what I'm trying to do. Simply, it's a Victorian housewife being a two-fisted heroine in a mechanical and supernatural London. And Elle likes to tell everyone she's happily married to a woman. :) You can read the review by V.C., LGBT author of erotica, glitterotica, and wicked romance, here:



Not only that, none of my books are erotica (sorry to disappoint), which makes me very happy that the story still delivers for a fellow gay writer. ;)


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