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Comikaze Expo 2013, leviathan rising! (cute one, too!)
Comikaze Expo 2013, leviathan rising! (cute one, too!)
Kate Danley 'n I will be at table AA-1311 near Stan Lee's Museum!
Kate Danley 'n I will be at table AA-1311 near Stan Lee's Museum!

THIS Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Kate Danley and I will be at Comikaze Expo 2013 in the LA Convention Center with Elvira, Stan Lee, the Munster mobile, and . . . MANY, MANY more guests and monsters and steampunk and gaming and Quidditch and FUN. Recalling what last year's was like, I'm already excited about the energy this event brings. Not sure how to qualify it except as something one feels when genuinely having a good time, and is pretty darn happy with what she or he sees and experiences. Multiply that by fifty thousand attendees and that spells 'success' to me.


Because nerd stuff, fantasy appreciation, those sort of things, can get too consumerist and media manipulated (you Must see the new film trailer unveiling; you Must attend that movie studio panel in case Johnny Depp shows up). Media cons become stressful. Comikaze, which is in its third year, has somehow hit the formula to keep it enjoyable, and that means for families as well as for nerds on the loose.


There's also the added energy of indies present, whether as actors, wee film studios, projects, Steampunk, comics, crafts people, Goth people, gamers, etc. Unlike corporate brands, indies are Excited about their thing. They meet and connect and more cool energy occurs. When we feel like a con will work for us, rather than us working for the con, we anticipate making things happen. This sort of thing isn't possible in a bloated event, full of corporate islands, major studio events, and too much stimuli.


Growth: I expect Comikaze to change, because that's the nature of such beasts, made up of all the different factors of who attends, who exhibits, who appears, and how the event itself will be run. But regardless, it's one of my best 'surprise' shows I've the pleasure to appear at and exhibit my books. Kate and I will be happy to spend our Halloweeeeen weekend, there. Table AA-1311, right near Stan Lee's Museum. :D We hope to see you! :)