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Steamed pudding (or as some of you know, "Spotted Dick")
Steamed pudding (or as some of you know, "Spotted Dick")

Duarte Festival of Authors: Thank you to the organizers who were the most thoughtful and considerate I'd ever had the pleasure of working with, and Kate Danley would agree! Not only were we greeted with smooth registration and an incredible author's goodie bag (a tote bag, cookie, lunch container, pad o' paper, pencils, pen, and water), but a lunch voucher (meal + drink), from the food truck, assistance with unpacking the car, set-up, and the popping of my EZ Tent that I brought (!), timely panel summonings, volunteers to watch our tables, and AUTHOR ribbons!

The outdoor event was tree-covered, with good wind breakage from the Santa Ana winds. Attendance was mild (unlike past events, as some authors attested). I'm pretty sure book lovers were deterred by the forecast of high temps and high winds, so I really thank Duarte for such a well-organised effort. Am sleepy from my dose of sunshine and talking shop with Kate. Here's a pic of steamed pudding to celebrate a nicely done day!

Recipe, here: