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In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
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RISEN (Dark Victorian, Vol. 1) - Elizabeth Watasin The Dark Victorian: Bones - Elizabeth Watasin Sundark: An Elle Black Penny Dread - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft Charm School #2 Magical Witch Girl Bunny - Elizabeth Watasin
Latest event banner with Artifice and Jim Dastard :)
Latest event banner with Artifice and Jim Dastard :)

Things: Approved the new Dark Victorian event banner last night, 'n it's being shipped to me already. :-0 I am pretty pleased with myself with coming up with this nice image of Artifice and Jim---pleased enough that I'm thinking (as long as I don't wreck it, I hope!), of taking this lovely 3x7ft banner stand all the way to Phoenix Comic-Con 2014 in June. wooo!


And when I say 'wreck it', it's a retractable banner, and if not handled carefully I could jam it. Or fall on it, or it can fall on me, or I can accidentally kick a hole in it during the tizzy that is maintaining a table at a media convention. Event hijinks!


Regarding Sundark: An Elle Black Penny Dread's paper book, that needs a 2nd proof---interior illustrations (and the story itself) look excellent, the over-saturation on the colour cover, not so much (arrgh). Too much use of a percentage of 'dark' made the printer machine go 'whoopee!' and dump black into everything. But I've adjusted all such dark areas to lighter percentages on the cover file and have re-submitted. If my magicks work, 'twill be ready for Comikaze Expo, SOON.

Am behind on stuff I was planning before foot breakage and medications: a third promo card with Elle Black. I'll try and do that, and also get Charm School #1 and 2 issues ready for the digital formatter. Would a print version be ready by holidays? I would think so (scratches head). If I'd done this before (put together an actual graphic novellette), I'd know if this were a no-brainer or not. What is nice is seeing how great the POD printers can handle interior b/w artwork. Then it's just up to me to layout a graphic novel competently.

I'm not talking about the Charm School omnibus, but the series of 48pp volumes (1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc), that would lead up to the omnibus. I'm doing this more for giving new readers an entry point and letting people fill in ye olde floppy comics set (originally published with SLG Publishing).


And then of course, I must return my attention to the manuscripts, Poison Garden: An Elle Black Penny Dread is still hovering at whatever word count it was last, and Dark Victorian: Everlife needs setting up.


Events! (!!!) Doing Duarte Festival of Authors with the lovely Kate Danley tomorrow (!), then Comikaze Expo, first week of Nov with (TBA---I know who it is, but she hasn't said publicly yet ;) ), and Long Beach Comic-Con a week before Thanksgiving week with the most excellent children's illustrator and soon to have her own title published, Kim Dwinell, and my last event for the year, Loscon 2013, which I may actually appear as Just Me at my table, but I'm rather digging sharing my space with fellow writers and creators, it gives me a bathroom break! ;)


A Happy Fall to all~~~^v^