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Molly Kiely Selections 1991-2012 - Molly Kiely Diary of a Dominatrix (Volume One) - Molly Kiely Diary of a Dominatrix (Volume 2) - Molly Kiely
Molly Kiely draws Artifice of The Dark Victorian series as Anna May Wong
Molly Kiely draws Artifice of The Dark Victorian series as Anna May Wong

ILLUSTRATOR and fine artist, Molly Kiely, just did this wonderful, trading card art of my character Artifice, from my Gothic steampunk series, The Dark Victorian, as part of her Indiegogo campaign perks! Yes, hand-drawn and inked on a 2.5 x 3.5 card, isn't it stunning? :D That's the silent film star, Anna May Wong as Artifice! (heart!)


I encourage you to make a request---have a fictional character you'd love to see come to life? A film star? A Muppet? Doesn't hurt to ask, and it's for a very small sum! Here's the campaign to fund her latest graphic novel (and it's a long time coming!): http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eschaton-a-go-go-graphic-novel/x/702094


"Eschaton-a-Go-Go.  In a parallel universe, Dr. Ravana drags her sister, General Kumbhakarna, into a war on the Gods.  They lose, and are sentenced to a period of exile and penance in our universe.  They meet up with Lake Baikal lake spirits on a spree and help out evolving humanity as best they can.  This ranges from fighting off monsters from another universe to fixing the internet to witnessing the All Girl Rapture and how this affects the future of mankind."


Molly has a collection of her artwork out right now, Molly Kiely Selections 1991-2012, but I'll also include her 'vintage' work from the far off, now out-of-print '90's. Whilst I was doing my indy book Charm School, Molly was over at Fantagraphics doing her title, Diary of a Dominatrix. She was writing and drawing sexy (more mature) chicks, I was writing and drawing sexy witch and faerie chicks. NOW I would love to see her illustrate this new book of goddesses and monsters. So, IF you've something you'd love to see on a 2.5 x 3.5 card for a mere pittance, check out Molly's Indiegogo, look at the art in progress and other perks, and thank you!