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detail of SUNDARK: An Elle Black Penny Dread, cover in progress
detail of SUNDARK: An Elle Black Penny Dread, cover in progress
the almost, almost (almost) completed SUNDARK cover
the almost, almost (almost) completed SUNDARK cover

I was planning on doing a step-by-step, but horrors, I'm preoccupied as is just drawing, compositing, colouring, and performing photoshop hijinks. Blogging falls to the wayside!


TADUM, the SUNDARK: An Elle Black Penny Dread cover is just about done, I need to drop in a real barcode (that's a stunt barcode). Since I decided to no longer shoot for Duarte Festival of Authors 2013 for a print debut, I am practically considering doing illustrations for the Sundark interior, which, unlike the Dark Victorian print series, has no gallery.


SOMEONE talk me out of it!!


Scrivener continues to be a beautiful, beautiful app (yes, I'm in love). Dark Victorian: EVERLIFE is not yet set up properly, but I look forward to it. Still have 5K words plus on the first chapter of POISON GARDEN: An Elle Black Penny Dread which is helping me define the themes of Everlife---the Elle Black series and the Dark Victorian series are in the same London/universe and run concurrent to each other.


Scrivener has already upped my productivity, so I am very happy. Now if only I could draw faster. But this is what's odd about my post-40 yr old artist self: I've become slower. And I don't practice art as much as I probably should, and that makes me slow too. I feel like, if I attribute the story correctly, post-40 Joe Louis, the heavyweight, who said that one day he stepped into the ring and it didn't matter that he knew the punches were coming, suddenly he couldn't move fast anymore. I'm feeling a little like that.


So by now I doubt people wonder why I've turned to long form fiction. I'm the dancer with the injury, the cellist with arthritis, the painter who loses her eyesight, but I still have beautiful things to share.