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Best kind of Escapist Fantasy

Waking (Clockwork Twist #1) - Emily  Thompson

Is it wrong to say 'escapist'? Considering that's what book reading is, I think Emily Thompson's Clockwork Twist: Waking completely fulfills that goal. I haven't read fantasy since I was a wee human, but having recently broken my foot, escaping into the world of Twist was an ideal remedy and wonderful return to fantasy adventure.


'Steampunk' in all the right places with airships, steam technology, some old world attitudes, and of course, clockwork technology. But there's magic, mysticism, and what we know as mythological beings appearing in this world too. Settings, outfits, and food are given in technicolour detail, practically like MGM movie settings. We are whisked to several world locales and cultures in rich and meaty detail. Twist himself is an interesting (and dare I say it, 'Gothic'), character, whose sheltered existence and narrowly British attitude does reflect how we view the suddenly bewildering and exotic settings and situations he often literally falls into. Otherwise, he's a character who will grow, especially with the cast of peculiar and unique characters (air pirates, mythological figures, clockwork beings, and gifted humans), who fall in with him, and these developments have us looking forward to his further adventures beyond Waking.


Quibbles? One, because I know those readers who like words used correctly will see them. A bit of copy-editing would help to polish Twist up to 'perfect'. But the story is solid, lovingly given, and is an excellent tale for taking you away into wondrous happenings. Recommended for all ages.