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Allyson Grey, Diana Reed Slattery
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart


— feeling frankenstein
The Bridegroom - Amelia Mangan

I wish I had this poetic grace for the sinister, decayed, and strangely ugly. Everything stark, defined, and immediate. This is a celluloid film, and perfectly cinematic; it is precise. Gorgeous weird fiction. Surrealism to eat.


I pick up horror anthologies just to read Amelia Mangan's stuff, and now she has a novel out. But someday all her short stories need to be collected, somehow. The sideshow mermaid from that carnival antho; the girl assailed by moth boys in Phobophobias.


BRIDEGROOM is the saturated film yet to be, of an unconventional First Contact story. You can read it for Free from Book Smugglers: