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Witching Hour New Release! Eli Constant's Sleeping in the Forest of Shadows:

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Sleeping in the Forest of Shadows (Shadow Forest Book 1) - Eli Constant

With my releasing *2* very different books so close to each other (dur, Elizabeth), I'm late in sharing releases for the themed boxed set I'm in. 'Tis THE WITCHING HOUR COLLECTION, and I'll get to Melanie Karsak's WITCH WOOD in a sec, which released last week.


Yesterday was me and Wrecking Faerie, ToDAY IS:



Eli Constant's Sleeping in the Forest of Shadows! And I've read the first chapter and it's got me hooked.



Sleeping in the Forest of






She has to abandon the world of light to truly live...

When Tilda Brennen’s family dies in a fire, she is left wheelchair-bound and suffering from survivor's guilt. It was her fault. She'd left the candles burning that night.

But there is a deeper, darker truth to the accident.

“He” has slept for years, dormant and untouched by the human world. Then she arrives at the little house beyond the woods and he awakens. He has waited so long for another chance. This time, he will not fail.

Going to the voice that summons her may heal Tilda’s body, but it will also cause her to lose everything she’s come to love. And once she enters the forest of shadows, returning to human life might prove impossible.



Sleep here in the forest of shadows. Live inside the land of your dreams.






Eli is the author of:

The Dead Trees Series (dystopian horror)

The Z Children Series (post-apocalyptic)

Mastic (supernatural suspense)

The Water is Sweeter (dark fantasy romance)

DRAG.N (dystopian thriller)

and more…


pS! ON SALE right now for .99 cents! Yah, I forgot the important part! ;) Get yours---I just did!