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Launching: My Darquepunk series

Monster Stalker: A Darquepunk Novel - Elizabeth Watasin

WHAT I've been working on for the last 3 months (and boy am I tired! ha ha) :D



Monster Stalker: A Darquepunk Novel is now available for pre-order. I'll let the synopsis speak for me (because at the moment, I'm just a hand-puppet!):


Horror follows vampire Nico to a new world, and an old horror within her responds; kill it before it kills her. Nico jeopardises everything on a lone, redemptive path rescuing victims of the underworld and hunting the nightmare that created her—a monster only Nico knows is there.
A paranormal sci-fi noir. Darquepunk science fiction for the gothic, different, and queer. Gen X, gender fluidity. Polyaphroditic. Cyberpunk.
Some sexual content; Mild language; Violence; sexual violence.


“Kill first.”
Vampire Nico popped from the year 1998 into a New NewYork airfield, a sudden chrono-immigrant with Mr Bear strapped to her, her switchblade in hand, and no idea how or why she got there. She’s on Darqueworld: an intragalactic society 400 light years from Old Earth, where Other-beings and humans co-exist and vampires are no big deal. Nico can have a normal student life at last and even date a diner waitress she likes. But there’s a darkened spot in her mind, one blanking out her immediate past, and the spectre of Nico's maker haunts her. Only in New NewYork’s underworld can Nico find what pursues her—and kill it again.

“Way to go, Super Nico!”
“I am not super,” Nico snapped.
“Got it. Stupid nickname. You are Lone Nico and Bear.”




And there's more than that, as it is a complex noir story. I'm very happy about this work. I'd been sitting on this science fiction idea since 1997-98 (no joke). It never worked. Then in March (during the Wondercon weekend, of all things), I had a thunder strike. I figured it all out and wrote it down. I then decided I should brain-dump it---which meant dropping Dark Victorian for the moment, but it *needed* doing. Two more novels will follow after this one, all set to release in fall. So when I disappear again, that's why. :) I hope you'll join me in this launch, it's a noir with one of the most relentless heroines I've the privilege to write.