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Who's in top 100 free Victorian Romance? This gay girl :D

Of the screenshots I've been taking of my ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread free kindle push, this one makes me happy. :D Because Artifice happens to be a lesbian---AND she's presently topping in free Victorian romance with all the straight romance books.



TAKE THAT, marginalisation. Who says people can't enjoy the romantic adventures of a Victorian Quaker, lesbian, artificial ghost, and strong woman? ;)

It'll fall off the list soon enough, and then there may be backlash, but that's what happens when you walk out the door and just be you. I hope people who can enjoy the book, will.


I also want to thank the person who gave me the 10th Amazon review. With that in hand, I could go beg at more promo doors. Thanks to everyone for this push!


And just because I don't say it enough: thank you BookLikes itself, for the staff's incredible support through all my cover changes and indie hijinks. They've been hands on, the best, and have made me feel welcome from the get-go. I am very happy to be here.