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Update: or, The world keeps going whilst you're working #amwriting

. . . but the work I do makes no money, so that is an unfortunate word. :-p


I thought I was only a few days behind in reading posts at BookLikes. INSTEAD, it's been 2 weeks. That's way too many posts. :(  I really enjoy reading what everyone is reading (because I've no time to read---well, reading fiction, and that's probably a horrible thing to admit to), and I want to catch up, but I think that task may be too big this time around.


I'd wanted to work in the word 'read' a fifth time in the above, but then the joke might come off more like I'm inane. ;)


Elle Black's POISON GARDEN is at 48K+ words, and perhaps that needs 10K more, tops, and *this* is the kind of stuff I'm been reading: Victorian hallucinogens and their societal context, first hand accounts on entheogen use (note, because I lack the experience---so far), the history of lsd/mescaline/peyote, the effects/plant physiology/harvest methods/preparations for henbane, belladonna, Hellebore, and a bunch of other poisonous plants to figure out which were hallucinogenic; Victorian vegetarianism, what the heck do botanists do, botanic illustrating, Victorian laboratories, how the heck plants propagate, and so on.


I don't know why I do this to myself. Ever been a Victorian sailor on a death-filled Arctic ship, Elizabeth? No! Let's write ICE DEMON. Do you understand what marble sculpting is all about as done by a 2000 year old sculptress? Not at all! Let's write MEDUSA. WANT to write about sinister glass conservatories full of poisonous exotica? YES, bring it on! Oh gods, BOTANICALS, what are these living plant things, I kill vegetation with my attentions! Let's throw in some hallucinogens!


I have come to the rather dreadful conclusion that if I'd written formulaic contemporary romance to begin with, I would be making a decent success of writing. I enjoy things that are too different, yet are so amazing to me. And these things are not so extraneous. They're what the world is beyond the accepted. So I don't know what I'm going to do; I have to come back to the mundane soon.