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Dark Victorian promotion illustration, one
Dark Victorian promotion illustration, one
Dark Victorian, promotion illustration, two
Dark Victorian, promotion illustration, two

PERCEPTION tv show onTNT *TONIGHT*, watch for Dark Victorian art by me (Elizabeth Watasin), in the "Far-Beyond Con" set. This is a set where the main characters visit a Comiccon. Artists like myself were asked to provide artwork to decorate the booths (an actor would play an artist working my booth, for example). I just got the email now, so I've no idea what the episode is called. I also don't have TV, so if you record/screenshot, thank you!! Lots of comic book artists/illustrators got involved, so if my work didn't make screen time, someone's surely did! 10/9C, watch it for me! And Enjoy!


(can't remember which images they picked, but I know they were the colour ones, like these shown here!).