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Allyson Grey, Diana Reed Slattery
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart
Hugh Newell (1830 – 1915) "Seated Girl Reading"
Hugh Newell (1830 – 1915) "Seated Girl Reading"

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#amwriting 38K+ words on my Gothic Neo-Victorian novella, SUNDARK, An Elle Black Penny Dread.Here's hoping that by next week, all the words needed will be discovered, written down, and accounted for! :)


Then it's off to the beta-reader, fixes, and THEN to the editor. ^v^ Argh! I must contact the typographer and get a wonderful logo. We are almost a book (again), finally!




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This painting: Hugh Newell (1830 – 1915) "Seated Girl Reading".


The Work in Progress:


SUNDARK an Elle Black Penny Dread

Elle Black, an unconventional psychic detective in an unconventional Victorian marriage, leaves her housewifely duties to answer a desperate plea. Guests are vanishing in a mechanical hotel known as the Sundark, and Elle must use her 'anomalous perturbationist' gift--the ability to moves objects with her mind--to save herself and the remaining hotel residents from malevolent, sidereal powers. But with apparitions appearing, magnetic lines disrupted, and clairvoyant guests lurking, who is the true murderer---or murderess?