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Je suis Charlie

There is an observation, and I think this is very true, that when death happens it is not the inspiration for one to become a hero, fighting forces of evil. In reality, death causes shock, paralysis, and a kind of destruction to one's soul. Basically, grief takes one down, and it's harder to keep moving in the world.


So I lack any sort of eloquence regarding such brutal murder, same as what happened when Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone had to die, same as when women are gunned down for no reason than being women. I happened to see this quote from the Qur'an posted on FB and it seems to say what I wish to say.


Celui qui tue une âme innocente, c’est comme s’il avait tué l’humanité entière et celui qui sauve une âme, c’est comme s’il avait sauvé l’humanité entière.'

- Les mots du CORAN (52/32)




Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he killed all mankind, and whoever saves a soul, it is as if he had saved all mankind. '

- The words of the Qur'an (52/32)


Good bye, you wonderful cartoonists. Thank you.