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So many posts in feed! (so little time) #amwriting

. . . I disappear from Booklikes for a few days and you people post up a storm! ;)


I have been head-down, trying to get the Dark Victorian: MEDUSA manuscript done. I don't know why the story occurred to me right after releasing ICE DEMON; I was supposed to get to work asap on EVERLIFE, the third Dark Victorian book ( Ice Demon and Medusa are single penny dreads in the same 'verse). But that's what happened back in October, and the writing was interrupted numerous times by doing events, the last one being LOSCON. Enough was enough, I said. We're now at 41K+ words on MEDUSA as I write this.


The synopsis:


Blind Elvie Chaisty discovers a breathing British Museum marble and soon more “living” statues appear in London. Meanwhile, a masked, monocled sculptress invites guests to her provocative marble garden, to be experienced by touch alone. The rich and the specially invited Elvie are enchanted by the sculpted bodies that can be discerned beneath their hands until one visitor dares to make a deadly discovery. Journalist Helia Skycourt and her stick for hire, Ellie Hench, must find out: is the monocled woman the centre of a death cult, one helping young women to an eternal state? Helia and Ellie race to solve the mystery before the sculptress’s fascination for Elvie seduces Elvie into her marble garden, permanently.
With a special appearance by Artifice, artificial ghost and heroine of the main Dark Victorian series, MEDUSA is a Gothic, romantic horror set in an 1880, mechanical and supernatural London. An F/F dark romance and psychological, gaslamp fantasy.


This is my most 'romantic' writing to date, which gives people fair warning who want more kiss-assery in their reading to give it a skip. There *is* pummeling and DEATHHH going on, but some readers really don't want 'romance', interestingly. However, with this I am going for the gothic Carmilla/Dracula vibe, and I'm diggggin' it. :D



The 'FILL' bit is only to show where I'll be stitching the various together. This was from a few days ago and already rearranged. It's also one of the more benign scenes in the book, where Elvie, being completely blind, is introduced to the monocled sculptress's studio. And she doesn't yet Know. ^v^


I did take time out to do the ICE DEMON soundtrack thing at BOOKTRACK , because I wanted to give people something for the Holiday occasion, but now I really need to get this done, to the beta reader, then back to me, then to the editor (who has been waiting for this thing, plus 2 other stuff from me :-/), then back to me, and then finally into print. And the photographer and digital artist are waiting patiently for their monies so we can get to the cover. The MEDUSA cover is already mocked up, and it looks Really Good. :)


Time to rob a bank! Just kidding, ha ha.


Wishing you all a Great Holiday Season.