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ICE DEMON: Now with soundtrack and EFX to accompany your reading! :D

Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads Book 1) - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Please ENJOY, free to play and read at the Booktrack link. Happy Holidays! :D


It took me about two days to lay down music and sounds for chapter one of Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread. I am amazed at how Booktrack helped me create this auditory experience, and with a great foley, ambiance, and music library. All for free. You can download their iPhone or Google Play apps, but can as easily read in your browsers. Then the drama unfolds and plays as you read. In my case, the sounds of harbor waters, creaking ships, ship bells, wind, cold, horse hooves and carriages, footfalls, and ominous moments. Getting my hands on voice actors would be beyond my (invisible) budget, but to be able to do this, which is just like Radio Drama, is almost a bit much! I adore foley! I'm the one who annoys everyone with my slide whistle! :D


Therefore, please enjoy, as it has the Hitchcock'ian moments where I hope to make you jump out of your seat. :) And no slide whistles (until I write an all-out comedy).


I also note, for those who want to give their books an auditory experience with Booktrack, that they've great sounds for genre fiction. They're tagged 'steam punk' (yep, that spacing), for gears and machinery, 'zombie' for erm, gross things, 'scifi' and so forth for your spaceships and space opera. There are transformations, horror bits, and magical battle sounds. It is ALL COOOL. As well as contemporary sounds. I was amazed to find enough to do Victorian period. OH! And you can add your own sounds/samples, which would only be accessible by you for your book. Therefore, please dive in, and I hope you'll let me know when you do that so we can follow each other over at Booktrack! :D