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Books that came in: The Spirit of Krampus, Carmilla, Enquire Within

The Spirit of Krampus - Kate Danley Enquire Within Upon Everything 1890 - Old House Books Carmilla [Scholarly Edition with New Introduction, Annotations, Illustrations, and Appendices] (Valancourt Classics) - Sheridan LeFanu, Sheridan Le Fanu, Jamieson Ridenhour

I order too many physical books, it's gotten to the point where the mail person just dumps them at my door, rings the bell, and runs off, not realising he/she dropped off my neighbor's books at my place (thank goodness I didn't rip those packages open). The mail people must wonder why I haven't gone electronic yet---I have! It's just that much of what I want is 1) non-fiction (which is easier to reference-tab and retain info from in physical format), 2) out-of-print 3) cheaper than the e-book version (seriously, especially as I've no qualms about buying ex-library editions or 'damaged' books at $4.00 ea, free or included shipping. This is how I get LOTS of delicious hardcovers! :D).


So I thought I'd finally take pics of what comes in. I'm uncertain if shelfies will be a thing for me though that will be fun. Once I tear them out of their envelopes/boxes, I tend to squirrel them away in whatever pile is for whatever topic I intend to research on. AND if I shelfie, you'll all learn how incredibly boring my reading list is, because I get VERY EXCITED about Victorian cookbooks and whatnot. :D  I also don't take the time to add all my treasures here on Booklikes; it's a time issue, and it would make my TBR list very, very long (and overwhelming). I like to maintain the illusion that I am on top of it! (HA).


So ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING 1890, the 400pp+ facsimile hardcover from Old House Books Publishing just arrived from Book Depository. This was the giant reference book for Victorians to refer to about Everything, from how to clean stains to how to play cards, to how to cure that cough and how to get a job (ladies). Now I'll know how to blacken that grating!



Lovely bookmark from Book Depository!


My friend Kate Danley, award-winning author and playwright of such works as The Woodcutter, the USA best-selling Maggie for Hire (kick-ass urban fantasy) series, the O'Hare House Mysteries (period mystery), and much more just released her first illustrated all-ages story, The Spirit of Krampus, ILLUSTRATED by Abigail Larson, whose work with the Poe Museum and her own Gothic Victorian illustrations I just adore. And I have one of her hardback collections (if she's issued more), but of course I can't find it because my shelving 'system' is a mess. So anyway, here is The Spirit of Krampus, which accompanied my paper copy of the scholarly version of Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla!



With inquisitive cat paw!


Interior shot:



With a dented corner on a brand new book! Thanks Amazon!


That is a Beautiful font the book layout person did for Kate. Look at that. I am jealous she did an illustrated novel (which I'd attempted with my gallery of illustrations in the back of the print versions of the Dark Victorian series---I've since given up on doing those), that she did this project with Abigail Larson, whose work I adore (I Know, I said that already), and that it's all laid out so pretty. This is what making books is all about. Yes!!


AND NOW ~~~ I'm going to run back to my latest manuscript.