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The Bombshell Manual of Style
Laren Stover, Ruben Toledo
The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
Gavin de Becker
Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness
Allyson Grey, Diana Reed Slattery
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart

PODCAST: Ep 235 of the BOOK CAVE (with me, Elizabeth Watasin!)

LIVE now for your listening pleasure!


PODCAST:  Join me and the fellas of the BOOK CAVE, Ep 235. We talk about books, movies, steampunk, Storytelling, comics, 'n the Dark Victorian ^v^ http://thebookcave.libsyn.com/


My thanks to Richard Croxton, Bruce Rosenberger, and Art Sippo of the BOOK CAVE--The Podcast About Books, Comics, Pulps, Movie Serials, Old-Time Radio, And TV Series--for having me on the show! It was a great discussion and was really a pleasure to talk Story with enthusiastic and knowledgeable guys. Once I get Charm School: The Collection into print, I hope to be on with them again!


So do give a listen, as well to many other interesting podcasts with creators of comics, novels, serials, and so forth, and Enjoy!