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Thank you @Booklikes ! (and, my events forthcoming!)

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BookLikes fixed my Author's Page! THANK YOU BOOKLIKES. :) I just need to upload new editions that show the new photo covers for Dark Victorian: Risen and Bones. And Sundark.


Because soon the cover for ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1 will be revealed, and it really is smashing. As soon as I get the edits back from the editor (make changes, lay it out for ebook, lay it out for print book, etc), it will be a for real, smelling spanking brand new BOOOOK.


I have to go to San Diego Comic Fest next week, where I'm steampunk guest, then do Comikaze Expo 2014 the week after that. It would be ideal to have ICE DEMON ready for sale by Comikaze but realistically, there's barely time to get it printed to download cards, much less have printing approved and shipped that fast. :-/


Thus, I continue to miss events by days when debuting new stuff. HOWEVER, all new things will be ready by my book signing at Clockwork Couture, and by LosCon 2014, both in November!


I swear, events are necessary, but . . . I just want to stay home and make stuff!!! ;)


Today, hopefully I'll get to the (going to be Really Cool) cover for Dark Victorian: EVERLIFE, and maybe this weekend I'll get to merchandise.


Happy Autumn to All!