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In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
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New erotic genre: Nerdrotica!

Steam Bunny: A Little Miss Kick-Ass Erotic Novella - Felicity Kates, Piper Denna

( . . . I think! Felicity Kates may have written the first. I also could not help writing a review in Stan Lee's voice. It should start: "TRUE BELIEVERS--" )


The nerd-verse would implode if it had hot bodies and hot minds like Casey and Lucas. A fantasy nerd’rotica sex romp: drop into the geek world of cosplay and pop culture conventions but dial it up to a super-sexy muse vs. her Alpha-sexy artist. Marriage is not what Casey wants in a relationship and her guy is not happy. Who will win in this hot-tempered match amidst high stake deals and speculations about the future of their wildly successful book, Steam Bunny? Casey and Lucas battle it out, heart to heart, body to body, in this romance-clash that’s an enjoyable sex-fest between two talented equals.





Now, straight erotica is not quite my thing---the fact that I prefer girlz probably dampens my ability to get turned on by hot male/female sex games. But I won't rate a story based on my personal needs (or ignorance). I figure Steam Bunny is a worthy addition to a certain type of popular romance-combo.