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Yaaaay feminist romances!

Statue in the Moonlight: a Regency romance novella - M. Bonneau

Well, M. Bonneau has done it, she wrote a story I wish I'd written. "Writer of feminist romances", indeed! This has to be a genre! Because this sort of story is exactly what I want to read and tell (though more woman/woman rather than woman/man ;) ). Her Cecilia and Anthony in "Statue in Moonlight" show all the turns of character and individualism--and uniqueness--I love in strong women and their men. :D So heartening to see such independence and will in a woman and such metamorphosis in a man, for all the best reasons. Hard to mention any story particulars without giving away reveals, but Bonneau had me going with the mystery that is Cecilia and how that worthless rake Anthony would come to discover her, understand her, and then understand himself. In a very refreshing, lustful manner. I'm happy! I've subscribed to her Authors page in anticipation of the next in this Regency series. And I'm going to try her other titles because I'm confident I'll enjoy more of the kind. Very well written. Brava Bonneau, and thank you! 


Ok, SPOILER of sorts----




I couldn't help imagining Cecilia as Tilda Swinton. rroaw. I mean really, woo, I am jealous Bonneau wrote Cecilia. Complexity!