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The Compleat Vampyre: The Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery & the Dark Mythology of the Undead
Nigel Aldcroft Jackson
Victorian Science in Context
Bernard Lightman
Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience
Cynthia Palmer,Michael Horowitz,Antonio Escohotado
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart
King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain through African Eyes 1st Edition ( Paperback ) by Parsons, Neil pulished by University Of Chicago Press
“It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.” —  Lemony Snicket
“It is likely I will die next to a pile of things I was meaning to read.” — Lemony Snicket
via iAuthor on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iauthor/photos/pb.296124743744878.-2207520000.1408043620./838295656194448/?type=1
via iAuthor on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iauthor/photos/pb.296124743744878.-2207520000.1408043620./838295656194448/?type=1

"Cut. Only by having no inessential words can every essential word be made to count" — Diana Athill




One of those big rules I keep in front of me. However, there's always a battle! Especially with this neo-Victorian nonsense I write. ;) Sometimes (ashamed to say), the non-cutter sneaks one in and wins.

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This is just super lovely. Bravo.





Books and cake?


I'm in heaven.

from http://instagram.com/p/WxGDicmT9b/
from http://instagram.com/p/WxGDicmT9b/

This is pretty great. :D

(ReBlog): Rebecca T. Dickson: "Crap someone should have told you writers by now"

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Nuts, I think that's me and the world in a nutshell. :-p


• Writing helps us make sense of our world.

• If we didn’t do it, we’d probably completely lose it.






My favourite quote: "It’s better to lack confidence. Shitty writers always think they’re great." ;-)

(Reblogged): 100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels

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Too many good ones, like this:


The Affecting History Of Two Young Gentlewomen, Who Were Ruined By Their Excessive Attachment To The Amusements Of The Town. To Which Are Added, Many Practical Notes, By Dr. Typo.





And I LOL'd. More tittles behind the link.


The Egg, Or The Memoirs Of Gregory Giddy, Esq: With The Lucubrations Of Messrs. Francis Flimsy, Frederick Florid, And Ben Bombast. To Which Are Added, The Private Opinions Of Patty Pout, Lucy Luscious, And Priscilla Positive. Also The Memoirs Of A Right Honourable Puppy. Conceived By A Celebrated Hen, And Laid Before The Public By A Famous Cock-Feeder.


Source: http://the-toast.net/2014/08/06/100-actual-titles-real-eighteenth-century-novels

Partial reading (otherwise called 'research')

The Troubled Heart of Africa: A History of the Congo - Robert Edgerton

The linear-minded beast in me would really like to finish this book but I've already gotten what I want from it---historical coverage and explanation of what happened to the area known as the Congo from the 1400's to the turn of the century. I stopped short of Leopold II's involvement (or more accurately, the events that ended with Stanley's involvement).


The book itself is well researched with superscripts (yay! Yes, I know, who gets excited by such things?), is well written and succeeds (at least with the eras I was focused on), in giving an overview explaining the Congo's destruction by outsiders, both Arabs and Europeans. Though the manner of its devastation could be seen as complex, the intentions usually were not. There really is such a thing as having too much privilege and superior technology (guns), and wielding such without any understanding of consequences. Thus are a people and a land ravaged thoroughly.


And this all happens before one gets to Leopold.

Aldous Huxley, "Brave New World"
Aldous Huxley, "Brave New World"

“But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World.

this image snagged from Cartoon Brew: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/comiccon-thursday1.jpg
this image snagged from Cartoon Brew: http://www.cartoonbrew.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/comiccon-thursday1.jpg
A portion of Eventbrite's infographic on comic-cons: https://blog.eventbrite.com/fan-conventions-behind-the-mask/
A portion of Eventbrite's infographic on comic-cons: https://blog.eventbrite.com/fan-conventions-behind-the-mask/
Me again! "LGBT Comics for Young Readers" panel
Me again! "LGBT Comics for Young Readers" panel

San Diego Comic-Con 2014:


Nearly a week after and my brain has already marched onward, especially to follow up on possibilities begun at comic-con. I can tell you that I had a good day attending and that's probably due to accomplishing certain things necessary to my needs whilst not killing myself doing them. ;)


One, connected with an elder and idol of my profession, Trina Robbins, whom I'd not seen since 2001. :) She's lots smaller now but can hug like a fierce woman. ^,.,^


Two, looked at the publishers (Random, Penguin, etc) and what they trotted out for this show, took in the floor area, booth set-ups, and especially the atmosphere of the small press area. (Why? I had to figure out if exhibiting was something I really should consider in such an enormous-con. The logistics are still not very attractive).


Three, spoke on a panel, which helped me connect with a certain audience, affirmed a few things gratifying, and probably taught me a thing or two, too. :)


Four, did an onsite radio interview---thank you deejay Willow Leafstorm and Krypton Radio!---which was a nice publicity touch as well as an opportunity to discuss my cool books. :D


Five, showed up at my spot at the PRISM Comics booth, a non-profit for the promotion of LGBT comics and books, and sold quite a few copies of Charm School Graphique Vol 1 and Dark Victorian: RISEN! As always, it's great to meet readers, so that was a pleasure and always makes my day.


Six---there is no six.


Seven, did a business dinner and connected with certain editors and fellow creators.


Thus, I accomplished everything that needed doing and which satisfied my mysterious creator needs. Did I need to buy a bunch of stuff, cosplay, experience actors, panels, and other reveals, collect free goodies, and so on? Not at this time, though I may relax enough to do so, some other year. But I began to understand something about SDCC at this point in its growth and identity.


I believe an attendee can go to this thing and stand somewhere pertaining to her passion---the huge studio and toy islands, the publishers hall, the areas where cosplayers may be, or set her bottom down in Hall H and never budge---and that attendee can experience happiness. Because at this point in Comiccon's wealth and growth, there is now enough of dreams and fantasies present that you needn't want for more.


And if that attendee still wanted more or something else that's just not there, then SDCC may not be what she needs.


A screenwriter (and producer/director) I really admire, Katherine Fugate, shot pics of her adorable daughter in the studio islands then edited it all together as a movie for Facebook. Viewing the con through her eyes, I realised that it was possible to take in only a portion of the event, recognise the value of spectacle and entertainment, and not be overwhelmed or diminished by the experience. As wrote very astutely for Entertainment Geekly:


" . . . running Comic-Con seems like the equivalent of governing a city that appears out of nowhere and is exclusively populated with insane people."


And that's it Exactly. That thing I could not describe the scope of because I couldn't recall an equivalent measure. But that night after dinner, enjoying the walk back by the harbor with my buddy Kim Dwinell, I did think of one: the Olympics. For five days, San Diego is transformed into Nerd Planet, and because that is still a rare and wondrous phenomenon happening in only one spot in our universe, I'm now okay with it.


One thing I forgot to do: visit Artist Alley. Out of sight, out of mind, and that was a big oversight on my part. I gathered from Facebook that even my most curmudgeonly of associates had a very good Comiccon. Now that's saying something. :) If you can work THIS show as a creator and make the connections needed, that's a triumph indeed.


io9 has a pretty comprehensive photo gallery of what experiencing Comiccon is like, from huge studio islands down to indy creator booths. Though I'd say 90% of the stuff shown is corporate/franchise-derivative (as in, not enough representation of original works):



Enjoy a well edited cosplay video from Sneaky Zebra. There's a really excellent Aquawoman (gender switched Aquaman) in there who I think is fantastic. :D:



And have you ever been to actors/show panels or just seen actors from your favorite shows speak? It can be very entertaining and lots of fun. :) But thank goodness for the internet. I haven't seen nor read Game of Thrones yet, but this is delightful:



And there you go! Now back to whatever I was doing.


All the best, ~~eee


Supernatural Collective Nouns by David Malki
Supernatural Collective Nouns by David Malki

"A delectation of nymphs". "A fulsome of hippogriffs". Get a copy of the poster from David Malki, here: http://wondermark.com/566/

Before I forget! Last 4 days of this "cover reveal" giveaway by the gracious Melanie Karsak for my new Dark Victorian: Risen cover! Thank you, Melanie!




And because I never get tired of thanking the people involved in making this cover happen, here are the credits again! :D


photo cover credits:
Phatpuppy Art http://phatpuppyart.com/ and Elizabeth Watasin http://a-girlstudio.com
Typography: Tom Orzechowski http://serifsup.com/
Model: Elizabeth Worth (http://www.modelmayhem.com/3122503)
Custom Wardrobe Creation: Cavalyn Galano Cavalyn (https://www.facebook.com/CavalynDesign)
Makeup/Hair: Nadya Rutman (www.bynadya.com )
Photography: Teresa Yeh Photography (www.teresayeh.com)

Me (in the hat), "LGBT Comics for Young Readers" panel, San Diego Comic-Con 2014
Me (in the hat), "LGBT Comics for Young Readers" panel, San Diego Comic-Con 2014

In one hour! For Real this time! HEAR ME on Krypton Radio at 7pm Pacific! Hit the button in the upper right of the link to listen in!


Laura Davis sez: "Coming up on Krypton Radio: Join DJ Gary daBaum for a San Diego Comic-Con International Round-up show TONIGHT, starting at 7 PM, Pacific! Gary will be re-airing Willow Leafstorm's exclusive interviews with Steam Powered Giraffe, Bill Plympton, Author/Illustrator Elizabeth Watasin, and more! He may even have some of the KR SDCC Coverage team dropping by to chat about the con!" ‪#‎SDCC‬ ‪#‎ComicCon‬ ‪#‎SteamPoweredGiraffe‬ ‪#‎BillPlympton‬, ‪#‎ElizabethWatasin‬ ‪#‎LeagueofSTEAM‬




I ought to share thoughts post-con of the mega-loth that is SDCC. And it's all good. But first: ice cream! Please enjoy the broadcast! :)

(Reblog!) A "Healthy" Corset in Red Silk, 1889

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I'm SOLD! ha ha! :D




Two Nerdy History Girls found this surprisingly lovely red silk corset in New York City’s Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Described as “healthy” because it’s made using coraline, a plant-based material more flexible than whalebone or steel, it was created by "regularly educated physicians" at the Warner Brothers Company of Bridgeport, CT. Here’s their almost charming sales pitch:


"Coraline...is more pliable and yielding to the movements of the body. The object of stiffness in a corset is not to convert the form into a rigid statue, to paralyze the action of the heart and lungs, to destroy a woman's comfort and to ruin her health...All the benefit a corset can give is to afford just that degree of rigidity to the waist and chest which shall give graceful curves to the contour of the body, and enable the dress to fit smoothly...[with] the ease, comfort, elasticity and grace of action which come from wearing a Coraline Corset...[in place of] her former instrument of torture."



Blog Link

Source: http://jaylia3.booklikes.com/post/942203/a-healthy-corset-in-red-silk-1889

Krypton Radio covers San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (and Me!)

The masses descend on San Diego! The mad-dom (far beyond 'madhouse') begins! Friday, after I sat on the "LGBT Comics for Young Readers" with creators like the writer for the LumberJanes (Boom! Comics) and Kevin Keller (Archie Comics) artist, Dan Parent, I had the pleasure of taking respite with steampunk and swingtastic deejay Willow Leafstorm of Krypton Radio in the SDCC press room.


THERE, she asked me all sorts of keen questions about Charm School's world and Artifice of my Dark Victorian series. It was a jolly pleasant tyme, I say! ^,.,^


READ an in-depth write-up of the interview by the equally keen Aly Runke HERE:




And activate your live-streaming of Krypton Radio's broadcasts for a recap of their SDCC coverage (including my chat with Willow Leafstorm) at 1030pm PACIFIC. Click the upper right hand button to LISTEN IN!


Because they got more to come. TONIGHT, more madness descends on San Diego; many, many crazy happenings, including the Masquerade. :-o

( It's Preview Night, which means ~ ~ )

Pretty in Ink: North American Women Cartoonists, 1896-2013 - Trina Robbins

It Begins! (TRUMPETS)


My San Diego Comic-Con schedule: (besides *hopefully* catching Trina Robbins and Lily Renee !!! at Fantagraphics--Pretty In Ink is Trina's latest 'herstorian' book!)


2-3pm Rm 28DE FRI, I'll be joining the panel "LGBT Comics for Young Readers".
4-6pm Booth 2144 FRI, Prism Comics, come see me, the new Charm School Graphique, and my Dark Victorian books!


Everyone have a Great and Safe tyme! ^v^

Del Rey/Hydra taking pitches at SDCC:

'Ello! They are taking pitches! I wouldn't mind trying my hand (probably would stumble the pitch, it takes practice), but I won't be there the Saturday. :-(



Heading to San Diego Comic Con? You should swing by booth #1514 and say hi to Team Del Rey! We have a lot of exciting panels and signings lined up, as well as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive giveaway of Bryan Lee O'Malley's latest graphic novel, Seconds.

We'll also be doing book pitch sessions at the convention! On Saturday, July 26th, you can meet with Del Rey/Hydra editor Sarah Peed to pitch your original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Don't forget to sign up at the booth to reserve your 5-minute session!

For the full schedule of Del Rey Spectra/Hydra events, click here.