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A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler
Jason Roberts
The Compleat Vampyre: The Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery & the Dark Mythology of the Undead
Nigel Aldcroft Jackson
Victorian Science in Context
Bernard Lightman
Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience
Cynthia Palmer, Michael Horowitz, Antonio Escohotado
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart
King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain through African Eyes 1st Edition ( Paperback ) by Parsons, Neil pulished by University Of Chicago Press

Old House Books (publisher)--

Booths Maps of London Poverty, 1889 (Old House) - Charles Booth The ABC Guide to London - Charles Hooper & Co. Bradshaw's Handbook to London - George Bradshaw Bradshaw's Handbook - George Bradshaw

---is going to kill me with all these gorgeous facsimiles! ahhhh


If I'd known sooner to search for 'facsimiles', I'd have bought their reproduction of Bradshaw's Hand Book to London instead of someone else's. Oh well!

"must be a good book" by Aude

Girl reading the book "congo" on the back of a bike.


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( Wah ha ha :D )

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Story of my life!

Classics Vs. Contemporary (a reblog; This, I agree)

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It hasn’t been a month since I last read in a Portuguese online newspaper a chronicle defending that it’s worthless to read new books. The author states that in a human life, being an assiduous reader, we would only get to read 4000-5000 complete books. And as so, he would rely on the “test of time” to choose his reads, thus omiting new releases on his personal library. As we all know, classics have earned their title because their message has remained valid or, at least, questionable for (sometimes) centuries and so even the most rebellious teenager on the 21st century would benefit somehow from reading them. Funny enough, one of my most recent posts is about a list I am trying to follow while picking up new reads – the “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”. While it would be impossible for me to stick exclusively to that list, because my interests always cause me to drift away from that path, choosing that list implies that I trust someone else’s opinion on what should be read. Of course, that is a very personal choice, but I do think it is important to do so in order to avoid wasting my time, since I barely ever quit reading mid-way. There are many valid ways to value someone’s opinion or even get suggestions of books you never even heard about – through friends, if yours are the bookish type, through literary critics, Goodreads ratings (although that is a tricky one, ever since Amazon bought it, I must say) and, of course, fellow bloggers, IF their tastes are similar to yours, because I do find that the majority of bloggers are too much influenced by new releases (a.k.a. publishing companies) and therefore they become expert marketers. All the information is out there, you just need to pick through it.

The list I mentioned before includes both contemporary and classic reads, as well as works from very diverse origins, and it has been updated in 2012 and those are the main reasons I chose it. Also, I tested it. I calculated my average of ratings on the books I had already checked, and it was superior to 4/5, which has satisfied me.

While I do agree that classics are a major reference, I do feel like reading contemporary stuff makes me feel a part of something, like I contributed to the background scenery of that play. Also, readers can better understand different realities to their own, ethnical, racial, sexual, political, with a direct reflexion in their daily lives. I do think it is of the utmost importance to understand our own reality and the current tendencies in as a many ways as possible. Besides, refusing to try it, is quite limiting. I do think I could be fulfilled as a reader, through classics only, but I don’t like to think I could be missing another spectrum of colours entirely. Even if my favorite contemporary authors won’t make it to a Nobel prize or don’t survive the next decade, I have enjoyed them and to me they’re eternal. I do believe Literature should always be lived, albeit critically.


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Nils Holger Moormann’s Liesmichl


"Nils Holger Moormann’s Liesmichl is not only the ideal side table for all Bibliophiles it is also the perfect gift for all Bibliophiles. With storage space for books, an ingenious holder to ensure you don’t lose your page and a handy shelf for mince pies and sherry, Liesmichl offers everything you need to ensure a relaxed and stress-free reading experience."


Original Deutsch article here:






Where to buy:




Books that came in: The Spirit of Krampus, Carmilla, Enquire Within

The Spirit of Krampus - Kate Danley Enquire Within Upon Everything 1890 - Old House Books Carmilla [Scholarly Edition with New Introduction, Annotations, Illustrations, and Appendices] (Valancourt Classics) - Sheridan LeFanu, Sheridan Le Fanu, Jamieson Ridenhour

I order too many physical books, it's gotten to the point where the mail person just dumps them at my door, rings the bell, and runs off, not realising he/she dropped off my neighbor's books at my place (thank goodness I didn't rip those packages open). The mail people must wonder why I haven't gone electronic yet---I have! It's just that much of what I want is 1) non-fiction (which is easier to reference-tab and retain info from in physical format), 2) out-of-print 3) cheaper than the e-book version (seriously, especially as I've no qualms about buying ex-library editions or 'damaged' books at $4.00 ea, free or included shipping. This is how I get LOTS of delicious hardcovers! :D).


So I thought I'd finally take pics of what comes in. I'm uncertain if shelfies will be a thing for me though that will be fun. Once I tear them out of their envelopes/boxes, I tend to squirrel them away in whatever pile is for whatever topic I intend to research on. AND if I shelfie, you'll all learn how incredibly boring my reading list is, because I get VERY EXCITED about Victorian cookbooks and whatnot. :D  I also don't take the time to add all my treasures here on Booklikes; it's a time issue, and it would make my TBR list very, very long (and overwhelming). I like to maintain the illusion that I am on top of it! (HA).


So ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING 1890, the 400pp+ facsimile hardcover from Old House Books Publishing just arrived from Book Depository. This was the giant reference book for Victorians to refer to about Everything, from how to clean stains to how to play cards, to how to cure that cough and how to get a job (ladies). Now I'll know how to blacken that grating!



Lovely bookmark from Book Depository!


My friend Kate Danley, award-winning author and playwright of such works as The Woodcutter, the USA best-selling Maggie for Hire (kick-ass urban fantasy) series, the O'Hare House Mysteries (period mystery), and much more just released her first illustrated all-ages story, The Spirit of Krampus, ILLUSTRATED by Abigail Larson, whose work with the Poe Museum and her own Gothic Victorian illustrations I just adore. And I have one of her hardback collections (if she's issued more), but of course I can't find it because my shelving 'system' is a mess. So anyway, here is The Spirit of Krampus, which accompanied my paper copy of the scholarly version of Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla!



With inquisitive cat paw!


Interior shot:



With a dented corner on a brand new book! Thanks Amazon!


That is a Beautiful font the book layout person did for Kate. Look at that. I am jealous she did an illustrated novel (which I'd attempted with my gallery of illustrations in the back of the print versions of the Dark Victorian series---I've since given up on doing those), that she did this project with Abigail Larson, whose work I adore (I Know, I said that already), and that it's all laid out so pretty. This is what making books is all about. Yes!!


AND NOW ~~~ I'm going to run back to my latest manuscript. 


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Bleeding Cool Covers "A Steampunk Extravaganza Of Comics And Literature" At Clockwork Couture In Burbank

I appreciate that our wee show got coverage! Thanks to Michele Brittany for the write-up and for the great pics!

"In a time of destruction, create something."

~ Maxine Hong Kingston

"A word after a word after a word is power."

~Margaret Atwood


Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down: 10 Fiery Margaret Atwood Quotes

Clockwork Couture Comics & Literature was a nifty event:

Steampunk World - Sarah Hans Clockwork Heart - Dru Pagliassotti The Dark Victorian: Risen Volume One - Elizabeth Watasin Boston Metaphysical Society (Chapter One) - Madeleine Holly-Rosing

. . . the setting, participants, and people who visited made it so. There was no big stress, it was a comfy, intimate venue, we brought tea, cookies, and music, we had our own kitchen, bathroom, mini-lounge area and Dalek (yes, full-grown Dalek---inert, thankfully), a breeze coming in through the windows, good conversation, and honestly, it was really nice to see all the genuine smiles.


Very, very different from doing a 50K+ attendee event, a mid-sized show, or even a mid-sized genre show. It was plain nice!


It heartened me to see people at ease and to listen to authors talk earnestly about their books. It was getting back to craft and leaving the commercial environment behind.


I shall insert pics ( now that I finally have a clue as to how :D ).



My table is actually to our right; I was lounging for a bit and happened to take this pic leading down to the entrance. Clockwork Couture, the li'l steampunk boutique-that-could, is a floor below us. This room is their community center and is still being renovated. But you can see how nicely the space is coming along. The space is also used to host workshops, gaming, photo shoots, and so on.



Hee hee! Dru is funny, she looks mischievous here, but I think she was going for sweet, which she is! I really liked her table set-up, and I loved her covers. After taking a look at the French version of the first Clockwork Heart book and hearing Dru describe her Icarus-winged heroine, I had to pick up her trilogy. Seated to our left from Dru Pagliossotti was Jaymee Goh and her Steampunk World anthology plus another multicultural speculative fiction anthology. To our right was Madeleine Holly-Rosing and her Boston Metaphysical Society comic book and novella series, then Patrick Scullin, creator of Super-Siblings and his latest, Pandamonium.


Okay, in linking to Boston Metaphysical Society's site I just saw Emily Hu's latest page (she's the artist). GOOD work.


Here we all are!



From L to R: Me (Elizabeth Watasin), Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Jaymee Goh, Dru Pagliossotti, and Patrick Scullin! (with Dalek photobomb).


If I could do just wee events like this, I'd be happy, but promoting oneself is a strange and necessary business. Anyone who knew me from my past life/career would never imagine I'd put on a hat, dress up, and actually talk to strangers in a public venue. I'm still not that person entirely but I'll do it because I have to. And it's not a matter of putting on a hat to be something for show.



It's about becoming the person you think you're meant to be.


I call this, "Me, the 13th Doctor, with Friend Dalek". :D


All the best, ~~eee

( I caved for a Story Bundle )

. . . and a 'how to' one, at that!


This one is called The NaNoWriMo Writing Tools Bundle, but when I saw that Steven L Sears's book was included, I had to pick this bundle up. I'm not interested in gimmick, I want meat and bones. Storytelling is really serious business when writing for pay and it's good to hear the process from those who already know. Understanding it or taking it to heart is another matter. ;)

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Into the Blind - Helen Rena

Animated trailer! Congratulations, Helen! :)




Hi, everyone! Today I'm super excited to share the book trailer for my new YA urban fantasy Into the Blind. It's been a lot of work, and I hope so much you will enjoy it.

Among Others / Jo Walton

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Among Others - Jo Walton

(Also on my TBR--has been for a while! A beautiful hardback saying "read meee . . . "




Startling, unusual, and yet irresistably readable, Among Others is at once the compelling story of a young woman struggling to escape a troubled childhood, a brilliant diary of first encounters with the great novels of modern fantasy and SF, and a spellbinding tale of escape from ancient enchantment.

Raised by a half-mad mother who dabbled in magic, Morwenna Phelps found refuge in two worlds. As a child growing up in Wales, she played among the spirits who made their homes in industrial ruins. But her mind found freedom and promise in the science fiction novels that were her closest companions. Then her mother tried to bend the spirits to dark ends, and Mori was forced to confront her in a magical battle that left her crippled--and her twin sister dead.

Fleeing to her father whom she barely knew, Mori was sent to boarding school in England–a place all but devoid of true magic. There, outcast and alone, she tempted fate by doing magic herself, in an attempt to find a circle of like-minded friends. But her magic also drew the attention of her mother, bringing about a reckoning that could no longer be put off…


As a soldier in the army against ignorance (a library worker), how could I help but be charmed by this book? It is, in many ways, a testament to the ways that libraries and librarians can make a difference in people’s lives. I was astonished last year when I realized that I had now worked 30 years in the library field, but looking back it should not have been a big surprise. I clearly remember the thrill that I got on the first day that I was allowed into the “big kids’ library” in our small town school. The satisfaction of finding books that engaged and moved me—starting simply with Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series and culminating when I discovered H. Rider Haggard and J.R.R. Tolkien.

That is the second reason that Among Others charmed me—I have read science fiction all of my reading life and have appreciated its way of getting me to look at my world from new angles. I have been working my way chronologically through a long list of classic science fiction and fantasy for the last three years and am just moving into the 1980’s decade, so many of the works referenced in Among Others were fresh in my mind. In fact, I was reading Heinlein’s The Number of the Beast at the same time that I was reading about Morwenna’s discovery of it as a newly published work.

I’m sure many adolescents go through the phase of feeling like they don’t fit in and struggling to find people with whom they click—and it’s very difficult in a rural or small town situation, where numbers of children in your own age group are limited, so I could relate to Morwenna’s struggle. I was also fortunate as a farm child to have access to a university extension program—we received regular boxes of books, containing what the university librarians considered appropriate for children, including loads of fairy tales, Greek mythology, and classic books. I especially appreciated the mythology and longed to see centaurs, Pegasus, and dryads for myself, but these seemed to be delicate Mediterranean creatures that did not frequent the Canadian prairies. I didn’t encounter Mary Renault’s work back then, but I think that is an omission that I will have to correct, as Morwenna and I share similar tastes.

I love how involved we can become in these fictional works—like Morwenna, I can always count on LOTR to completely immerse me, despite the number of times I have taken that journey. I treasure the books that I can read repeatedly and happily, as well as those that deprive me of sleep because I simply can’t set them down.

Recommended for library and book lovers, science fiction readers, and those who grew up in rural surroundings (especially if you are all of the above).

Event! The Clockwork Couture Steampunk Extravaganza of Comics and Literature

Clockwork Heart - Dru Pagliassotti Clockwork Secrets: Heavy Fire - Dru Pagliassotti Boston Metaphysical Society (Chapter One) - Madeleine Holly-Rosing Steampunk Rat - A Boston Metaphysical Society Story - Madeleine Holly-Rosing The Dark Victorian: Risen Volume One - Elizabeth Watasin Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads Book 1) - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft Clockwork Lies: Iron Wind - Dru Pagliassotti Steampunk World - Sarah Hans The Dark Victorian: Bones - Elizabeth Watasin Boston Metaphysical Society - Chapter Two - Madeleine Holly-Rosing


JOIN us! In lovely downtown Burbank (CA), as Johnny Carson would say, and meet authors, Makers---for there is also a Craft Faire (note that I wave the colourful flags to signify such)---try on steampunk couture 'n gorgeous accessories, drink tea, and take your picture with a TARDIS (Doctor may or may not be included).


Happening this SATURDAY, beginning at 12pm, appearing will be the lovely Dru Pagliassotti of The Clockwork Heart series, Jaymee Goh of Steampunk World, Madeleine Holly-Rosing of the Boston Metaphysical Society comic book series, Elizabeth Watasin (that's me) of the Dark Victorian series, and Patrick Scullin of Pandamonium! Location: https://clockworkcouture.com/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1499465090306573/ Come and have fun!




All that said, I think this is the first event at which ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread, will make an appearance! And it's so pretty, :D.

( very cool )

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So the past two days i've been dealing with plumbing issues in my house, so i didn't have working bathroom for 2 days!


I'm trying to finish Lola tomorrow. I entered myself into two more Team Challenges on Goodreads!


I need coffee.


Hope you all are having a better week than I :]