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Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience
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Victorian Garden, The
Allison Kyle Leopold
Mrs. Robinson's Disgrace: The Private Diary of a Victorian Lady
Kate Summerscale
Bright Paradise: Victorian Scientific Travellers
Peter Raby
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart
King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain through African Eyes 1st Edition ( Paperback ) by Parsons, Neil pulished by University Of Chicago Press

( It's Preview Night, which means ~ ~ )

Pretty in Ink: North American Women Cartoonists, 1896-2013 - Trina Robbins

It Begins! (TRUMPETS)


My San Diego Comic-Con schedule: (besides *hopefully* catching Trina Robbins and Lily Renee !!! at Fantagraphics--Pretty In Ink is Trina's latest 'herstorian' book!)


2-3pm Rm 28DE FRI, I'll be joining the panel "LGBT Comics for Young Readers".
4-6pm Booth 2144 FRI, Prism Comics, come see me, the new Charm School Graphique, and my Dark Victorian books!


Everyone have a Great and Safe tyme! ^v^

Del Rey/Hydra taking pitches at SDCC:

'Ello! They are taking pitches! I wouldn't mind trying my hand (probably would stumble the pitch, it takes practice), but I won't be there the Saturday. :-(



Heading to San Diego Comic Con? You should swing by booth #1514 and say hi to Team Del Rey! We have a lot of exciting panels and signings lined up, as well as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive giveaway of Bryan Lee O'Malley's latest graphic novel, Seconds.

We'll also be doing book pitch sessions at the convention! On Saturday, July 26th, you can meet with Del Rey/Hydra editor Sarah Peed to pitch your original science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Don't forget to sign up at the booth to reserve your 5-minute session!

For the full schedule of Del Rey Spectra/Hydra events, click here.

SDCC Exhibitor Floor (partial map)
SDCC Exhibitor Floor (partial map)
SDCC upper level (part of the map)
SDCC upper level (part of the map)

O San Diego Comic Con, you gloriously bloated monster, you!


These maps are probably going to break my Booklikes blog format (or, they'll just become itty bitty re-sized graphics). It's not possible to get the entire scope of the convention venue in one graphic because of the length of the building itself.


I'd attended my first SD comic-con in 1990 (in a hotel---with stained carpeting). When it moved into the convention center, it was about half the size it is now because the 'new' half hadn't been built yet. But the con, at the very beginning, had a big energy about it, the kind from the once-a-year convergence of every creative heart and keen IP manager looking to get out of their hovels and offices and Sell, be somewhere, connect, and make things happen. Oh, and add to that readers and fans wanting to buy buy buy and see see see stuff they couldn't acquire or experience anywhere else. 


Someone who'd paid attention over the years could probably (more accurately) put SDCC's transformation and growth in perspective, but when the con doubled in size and filled out the entire massive (with new addition) venue, I thought it was because there were even more comic book publishers, toy retailers, the new presence of video gamers, small film studios, and the emergence of small press (essentially, very successful self-publishers).


Growth means change, of course, and SDCC's (formerly SDCI---San Diego ComicCon International), transitions have been fascinatingly organic. All the aforementioned--toy makers, publishers, studios--rose and fell like wee islands in SDCC's ocean planet. Agonizing as it is for we little people to lose opportunities to such natural occurrences, none of it can affect SDCC; it is now far too big. Corporate names like Mattel, Lego, LucasFilm, and Random House have moved in. The nature and needs of the attendees have changed. The event is currently so bloated, one can spend more time trying to survive it rather than enjoy it and for a creator, trying to connect in it.


I was invited to do a panel and will also have booth time with the gracious Prism Comics to tout my Dark Victorian books and Charm School. It's only for the Friday, though it would have been very prudent (if at all possible), to have gotten one night to stay over as it's a 3 hr trek from and to LA. SDCC may be the very biggest media event on the planet, but attending it and especially working it means keeping it manageable and (somehow), fun. ;) IT BEGINS Wednesday night and runs to Sunday, which is why even though I know half the universe is *right this minute* in San Diego to prep, I gotta share my appearance maps now. :)


This thing, this monster. It will continue to change and I will, at least for the Friday, change for it too. :) GOING? I will SEE YOU THERE.



Dark Victorian: Risen GIVEAWAY! Hosted by Melanie Karsak

To be seen LIVE, for the first time, at SDCC! (toot, ballyhoo!)


On the occasion of my appearing at San Diego Comic Con (Booth 2144, graciously hosted by Prism Comics), and on the panel: LGBT Comics for Young Readers (2-3pm, FRIDAY, Rm 28DE---we bring the NEW, gorgeous Dark Victorian: RISEN, to be seen, touched, (fondled), and coveted by the multitudes of SDCC!


DV_RISEN_photo-cover-EBOOK-AMAZON copy


For those who can't make it that crazy event, here is a giveaway, hosted by the amazing Melanie Karsak! Go here to enter:



Win!! If you already have your copy, tell a friend! And thank you, Melanie! :D


The new Dark Victorian: RISEN cover!
The new Dark Victorian: RISEN cover!

And now . . . COVER REVEAL! To be seen in public for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, booth 2144, hosted by the gracious Prism Comics! Thanks to everyone involved in the making of this gorgeous cover! ^,.,^


I'd shared some of the 'making of' earlier in the blog. I just want to say again how wonderful everyone was who worked on making my character, Artifice, a reality. Isn't the model pretty? :D


And the dress!! I can go on and on. Instead, here are the credits:


Photo cover credits:

Phatpuppy Art http://phatpuppyart.com/

 and Elizabeth Watasin a-girlstudio.com

Typography: Tom Orzechowski http://serifsup.com/

Model: Elizabeth Worth (http://www.modelmayhem.com/3122503)

Custom Wardrobe Creation: Cavalyn Galano (https://www.facebook.com/CavalynDesign)

Makeup/Hair: Nadya Rutman (www.bynadya.com  )

Photography: Teresa Yeh Photography (www.teresayeh.com)

book bag, Bodleian Library Store, University of Oxford
book bag, Bodleian Library Store, University of Oxford

Saw this pic, found the link to the book bag. I love museum and library stores. :D


"Before the advent of dust-jackets many books, especially those for children, were bound in brightly coloured cloth with pictorial blocking in gold and colours, here a splendid shelf of colourful books from the Bodleian's Opie collection appear on this sturdy bag."




Someday, maybe, ah, who knows. I'd love to have a cloth-bound children's book made, with gold letters and such. But even Books of Wonder couldn't quite pull off that feeling of a turn-of-the-century book with their re-issued OZ series.


Lost arts. Well, we can dream and make facsimiles. :)

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, and ... Mine

Reblogged from Kate says:


I sleep like Charles Dickens, work (creative work) like Benjamin Franklin, have fun like Tchaikovsky, and drink like Vonnegut ;-)



I've found this amazing chart here, I highly recommend exploring it as it's full interactive infographic. A great way to discover how great minds were different from each other but at the same time so similar to ordinary people.


How does your life compare to these creative minds? I'm curious :)

Source: http://podio.com/site/creative-routines
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From George Takei's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/photos/a.737221629640626.1073741825.205344452828349/996998546996265/?type=1&theater
From George Takei's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/photos/a.737221629640626.1073741825.205344452828349/996998546996265/?type=1&theater

( OH, this is good. :D )

Source: http://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/photos/a.737221629640626.1073741825.205344452828349/996998546996265/?type=1&theater
Hope Barrett of North Door 37 Publishing receives her pre-order of Charm School Graphique Vol 1!
Hope Barrett of North Door 37 Publishing receives her pre-order of Charm School Graphique Vol 1!
Reader Sam Stabbin Adams' awesome pre-order!
Reader Sam Stabbin Adams' awesome pre-order!
The Fairer Than illustration plate, in the inking stage.
The Fairer Than illustration plate, in the inking stage.

Many things Charm School! (maybe not that many, but . . . )


A book review of Charm School Graphique Vol 1! My thanks to Vanessa Clark, aka V.C., author of LGBTI, glitterotica, and wicked romance. V.C. sez:


"The style and theme of Charm School is Archie meets manga, meets Betty and Veronica, meets Monster High, and so many other doses of teenaged comic goodness . . . "


Check out the review, here: http://vcerotica.blogspot.com/2014/07/book-review-charm-school-graphique-vol-1.html?zx=86311cd0776d25d2


Also, people's pre-orders are arriving in their mail boxes, pictured above! I'm very happy that everyone is enjoying the books and their bonus extras. Hope Barrett of North Door 37 Publishing sez over at Facebook:


"Last night's reading: Elizabeth Watasin's Charm School, featuring vampires, witches, and the very hot Fairer Than (see pic attached). Originally published by Slave Labor Graphics, this edition has been re-inked and touched up by Elizabeth. I have no idea what the first edition was like, but the current 2014 publication has a beautiful cover ~ to look at and touch; the storyline is quirky and just a touch loopy.

The best line: "I've encountered this gorgeous faerie and now I can't eat, sleep, or understand what people are saying! Whatever could be wrong with me, Doctor??"

A delightful addition to the LGBT comic collector's library, especially wonderful to see Elizabeth's artwork in print again."


Loopy?? I'll have you know, madame, that I was entirely sober whilst composing Charm School! ;D


The 'hot Fairer Than' pic Hope refers to is, I believe, the 'inking in progress' pic I posted at Facebook.


Charm School Graphique Vol 1 is available only in print currently, mostly because I have to figure out if I have to process the whole book again just to make it digital. And because there's an animated flip corner for 'real space', not 'digital space'. Bah. But anyway, it's at Barnes & Noble and you can see it at any Amazon in the 'verse via this geolink:  getBook.at/charmschoolgraphique1 


Huzzah! And now on to more things~~~


all the best,


( This is me, all the time! I am doomed. :D )

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"“Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone.”


Amy Tan

by Sebastien Millon, http://www.sebastienmillon.com/Essential-Elements-For-a-Good-Story
by Sebastien Millon, http://www.sebastienmillon.com/Essential-Elements-For-a-Good-Story



And be sure to check out his Etsy! :)

. . . and I'm catching up here!

Charm School Graphique Vol 1 (Volume 1) - Elizabeth Watasin

Of course the moment I reshare something from the feed, I lose my place in the scrolling. Argh! Well, I'm weeks behind, but now I've seen some of the past weeks' posts. :D You all read so many books!! Good for you. :)


I've finally published another book, and this one is a graphic novel (or graphic album). Charm School Graphique Vol 1 was a real learning experience for me with regards digital publishing of black and white art (and trying to get that animated Flip Corner to work in the . . . corner).


This volume, so far only available in print because making a digital version will be tedious, contains Charm School No 1 and 2, new illustrations, 4-5 more pages of new Bunny and Fairer Than material, and a new Fey Dently: Vampyre story. It also contains an animation (not terribly sophisticated, but it'll do) in the lower right-hand corner. Flipped with your fingers, of course, very 'meat space'. ;)


I'd run a pre-order on the book at my site where my supporters get a collectible bookmark (very pretty), 3 bookplate stickers (also Very Pretty), a 1" pinback (very punk rock), and because I was late in mailing pre-orders out due to unforeseen digital printing errors (all a learning experience), I threw in the vintage mini-poster of Charm School that Slave Labor Graphics, my original publisher, issued, plus a complimentary art print, of either Charm School or Dark Victorian.


When I do one of these personal promo things, I really like to make a 'club' kit of it all, it's fun and I love spoiling my supporters. :) I'd do the same to my mailing folks if only I'd hurry up and relaunch that too.


Ramble! I have to work on Vol 2, of course, and there are many novels-in-progress on the back burner. I still haven't properly promoted my new photo Dark Victorian covers (will do that soon). I notice they haven't aggregated to here, so I'll be posting them in the blog.


I'm also freelancing, working on a very nice non-profit project that pays Not Very Much but better that than working for bigger bucks for not very nice people on something I'm uncomfortable with. Am also in the process of pitching on something I hope to land. More on that later. Or not, if it falls through.


I will be at San Diego Comic-Con as a guest on the panel: LGBT Comics for Young Readers, FRIDAY, July 25th, 2pm, room number as yet unknown! I may also be signing at the PRISM Comics booth, time slot also unknown! Out of the Billions of bodies attending, find me there! :D




And I am very happy to announce that San Diego Comic Fest, in October, will have me as a Steampunk guest for their events programming, courtesy of their Steampunk coordinator, Veronique Chevalier. This is a great all-ages event with science fiction, comic books, artists, and steampunk and definitely a more manageable (and therefore, probably more fun) media convention than the monster, SDCC.




Cake is in the oven! Literally. AS soon as things settle down(?) somewhat, I need to get back to Writing. I hope everyone here is doing well!


all the best,


Summer reading for a lady who wants to loll away an hour in her boudoir

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( OH this is excellent. :D Need more! )



Two Nerdy History Girls posted an entertaining book review from Court Magazine published in 1835:




Link to Nerdy History Girls


Link to Google page for original review  There are several other book reviews on this page


I tried a little Googling of the title Villiers, but couldn't find the book--I'd love to hear from anyone who does discover it


Source: http://jaylia3.booklikes.com/post/908626/summer-reading-for-a-lady-who-wants-to-loll-away-an-hour-in-her-boudoir

English word pR0n poem ("90% Of People Can't Pronounce This Whole Poem. You Have To Try It.")

This is great, read it out loud. I'm certain I got eight words wrong (due to ignorance and accidentally falling into a rhythm). But in reality probably twice that due to being off in my pronunciation of words I'd never heard said out loud. It's ideal for the British speaker (especially one versed in literature and theatre). :D

Booklikes changes:



I've been too busy, so haven't been here as often as I would like (thankfully, I seem caught up with the feed--I think). Nor have I taken advantage of all the nifty updates and new features, so can't comment on things 'missing' or moved.


But this new look feels trim and fast. 'Tis Elegant. :D


I'll be back to update on "me me me", soon. Gads, so much to do and I thought I got much of it done already. ;)