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The Compleat Vampyre: The Vampyre Shaman, Werewolves, Witchery & the Dark Mythology of the Undead
Nigel Aldcroft Jackson
Victorian Science in Context
Bernard Lightman
Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience
Cynthia Palmer, Michael Horowitz, Antonio Escohotado
In The Eye of The Beholder: A Novel of The Phantom of the Opera
Sharon E. Cathcart
King Khama, Emperor Joe, and the Great White Queen: Victorian Britain through African Eyes 1st Edition ( Paperback ) by Parsons, Neil pulished by University Of Chicago Press
The first ICE DEMON proof. :D
The first ICE DEMON proof. :D
What Elizabeth sells at events as well as books.
What Elizabeth sells at events as well as books.

YOU know what's wonderful? Getting a proof in and it looking Beautiful. Making books can only get better, and I mean in the passion of it and the possibilities. Happiness!


I have to read through the interior and make sure everything's as it should be, then order a bunch for~~~

the Clockwork Couture authors signing, which is (peers at calendar), NOV 15th, in cahoots with a Clockwork holiday craft faire, so come and get stocking stuffers and gifts. ICE DEMON will also be available at Loscon, Thanksgiving weekend.


Could not get the print book done in time for Comkaze Expo, tomorrow, which is a shame, but at least I tried. However, many buttons pressed for the occasion! Sometimes at media events, I just don't lasso enough book lovers. ;) Thus, table cost is supported by selling geegaws, and I do love to design buttons as well as make them. As you can see!


Probably one of the best purchases I made when committing to the con circuit (besides my riding hat :D), was my button machine. It's the full metal sort and has already paid back for itself. The second pic is of the buttons that tend to be most popular (hence my having to press more). The "Word words happy words" button is a quote from Dark Victorian: BONES, as spoken by the madwoman and journalist, Helia Skycourt. :)


Okay, now what? I just ate a cookie, so I should read that proof. :D



New Dark Victorian release, Netgalley, giveaways, and Comikaze Expo:

Many things happening this week (besides my working on the new manuscript!) so here's a list I hope you all take advantage of. Because free treats, especially during the occasion of Hallowe'en, are good!

1, a reminder that Dark Victorian: Risen is available for book reviewers and bloggers at Netgalley. Enjoy!:



2, I'm pleased as punch to participate in the Blazing Indie Collective MASSIVE $$$prizes and ebook giveaway! Get your spook on, enter, and WIN:


3, I'll be at AA-914 in Stan Lee's COMIKAZE EXPO, "Where Pop Culture Rules the Earth!", location the Los Angeles Convention Center, this coming HALLOWE'EN, giving out candy (courtesy of Comikaze!) and slinging books!

4, this isn't free but a celebratory occasion: ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1, is now available at all your favourite digital outlets, such as (geolink) the Amazons (including perhaps, Amazon Mars, if you live on Mars), Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.
B&N: http://bit.ly/1u4REZN
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1wE8889
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/487057


I'm working on Vol 2 right now, Dark Victorian: MEDUSA--because the story occurred to me (for some inexplicable reason), and now I must make it happen. The Pinterest research board in progress for the story is here:


And now ~~~~ ice cream!

tweaking the ICE DEMON print cover
tweaking the ICE DEMON print cover
Me, struggling with widows and orphans in Indesign
Me, struggling with widows and orphans in Indesign
Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads Book 1) - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft

. . . made last minute tweaks to the ICE DEMON print cover, and now submitted for 'approval'. Then will order proof. Really hope that background works.






I need to let go. And I mean I need to let phatpuppy do the entirety of the cover art and me not want to do it (argh, *grabby-hands*), and it's time I handed off formatting. Because the print and e-books could be even sexier in the hands of someone else.


I love making books enough that I'm willing to do book layout (typesetting--well sort of, where I'm concerned)---which is essentially graphic design, a task that doesn't exactly have me jumping up and down with joy. I'm not a graphic designer Jim, I'm an illustrator!


So I'm typing this ( to myself ), to put it out there: hand it away. Take it to the next sexy level. 


All stuff here was made whilst listening to SIA's "Dress In Black".



And there it is!

Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread (The Dark Victorian Penny Dreads Book 1) - Elizabeth Watasin, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread is now LIVE at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and Kobo! *CONFETTI*


edit to add: AMAZON GEOLINK. This will take you to any Amazon in the 'verse: http://getbook.at/ICEDEMON


I have to work on the print version, and also on a bit more artwork to put together the digital download card for the latest Dark Victorian books. It won't be ready for my next event, but hopefully by the one after that.


Meanwhile, I've 5 manuscripts queuing up, one of which I just started. I'm hoping, like Ice Demon, it will be a very tidy novella of 25K+ words for a very tidy horror/mystery. ( tee hee ). :D




I've STan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2014 this coming Hallowe'en! And it's a very big media show. Besides comic book folk, Elvira, Stan Lee, and so forth being present, there will be actors from Game of Thrones, Kevin Smith (the director/producer), um, more media people, and then many indy exhibitors like myself. I will be in Artist Alley, AA-914!


I was an exhibitor at the first Comikaze---when was that, 2011? Wows. I was taking a chance, this itty bitty, full of heart, first time event being organised by the siblings Carpinelli (Regina Carpinelli being co-founder and CEO). It had all the makings of a possible snooze-ville, with heartfelt organisers. But it was in LA, I'm in LA, so I thought what the heck. And it was a rough little barebones show, yet the energy! The level of engagement, of something positive happening, was more present at that show than at any show I'd been at. There were Star Trek actors, there were tabletop gamers, steampunks, goths, lgbt, indy comics, and indy filmmakers. The show brought excitement back. :)


But shows do change--that can't be helped. The needs of the public create that change, and I think the best events have the ability to be organic. The latest phenom with media events/conventions is that they are growing Rapidly. New York Comic-Con just recently broke San Diego's for attendance---San Diego Comic-Con, which is actually a *temporary city* of geekdom for about 7 days. Those are scary numbers. I don't doubt Comikaze will keep growing---as will Wondercon, and others. Whether I continue to be a part of them as exhibitor remains to be seen. Because at this point it would be nice to come full circle, and just be an attendee . . .





ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1
ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1

( I think I'm supposed to connect a 'cover reveal' with an event or a blog tour or something like that. Do I? No! Foolish Elizabeth! But anyway~~~~)


COVER REVEAL! Tra la. STill in 'wait mode' for Release into the wild. Here is the synopsis and then credits. And NOW, ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1:


“Thee, of stars”

A ship of dead with iced men who shatter; The Terror sails into the Port of London during England’s worst winter, bringing insidious ice fog and a hidden killer. Secret Commission agents, Artifice, the artificial ghost, and Jim Dastard, the animated skull, track their murderer to the frozen Thames’ Frost Fair, only for Art to discover a deadlier danger—one involving the women she holds dear. A steampunk, gaslamp and horror mystery set in the world of the Dark Victorian series.

"Smart. Engaging. The fog literally creeps off the page."
– Melanie Karsak, author of the Amazon best-selling steampunk series, The Airship Racing Chronicles




Ice Demon: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1 will be available SOON. I would like to thank (me), and:
Cover Art by Phatpuppy Creations http://phatpuppyart.com
Cover design and art by Elizabeth Watasin
Cover model is Elizabeth Worth http://www.modelmayhem.com/3122503
Custom Wardrobe Creation: Cavalyn Galano http://www.facebook.com/CavalynDesign
Makeup/Hair: Nadya Rutman http://www.bynadya.com
Photography: Teresa Yeh Photography http://www.teresayeh.com
Dark Victorian Logo: Tom Orzechowski and Lois Buhalis http://serifsup.com/
Editor: JoSelle Vanderhooft http://www.joselle-vanderhooft.com/

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The original fanfiction.

Source: http://nednote.com

( hey! Now I'm in a Giveaway! )

I’m pleased and honoured to participate in the BLAZING INDIE COLLECTIVE GIVEAWAY! And a really fyne group of storytellers it is (to let riffraff such as meself in :D).


Hit the Rafflecopter link to win prizes and e-books! There are many! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/07641211117/

Welcome to the Blazing Indie Collective Giveaway!




Get to know the authors of the Blazing Indie Collective
and enter to win piles of prizes, including gift cards and ebooks!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Have fun and good luck! :D

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HUGE Steampunk & Romance ebook Giveaway!
HUGE Steampunk & Romance ebook Giveaway!

I know these authors! :)


They're having a HUGE Steampunk & Romance e-book giveaway. Go to the rafflecopter to find out---and Win!



( I like this! ): A Place Where All Book-Likes Things Happen

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( It's giving me a little more to connect to, here! )






The discovery paths on BookLikes can lead you into various book-likes places: new books, reviews, authors, reading lists, reading challenges, great blogs and shelves. From now on you'll have more opportunities to explore BookLikes places and community and decide where to go first. 



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To boost the discovery experience we're also showing you valuable BookLikes blogs as well as books and reviews worth your attention. 



Warning! You TBR pile might get bigger with the Daily Deals, Free Ebook and Giveaways sections.  



The discovery box display will change when you refresh your Dashboard page. If you're BookLikes' regular blogger and know all our places by heart you can hide the discovery boxes. However, we highly encourage you to glimpse once in a while at the discovery hints as we have a great bunch of new cool options to launch and reveal. 



We also plan some further development on the discovery boxes. The personalized settings for each discovery box are on their way as well as more hints and guidelines what's worth discovering on BookLikes. 

The new 7ft standing banner for Dark Victorian!
The new 7ft standing banner for Dark Victorian!
The postcards are here! To show off the 'Artifice' painting. :)
The postcards are here! To show off the 'Artifice' painting. :)
Charm School Indiecards!
Charm School Indiecards!

Doing *All The Things* for upcoming shows!


And I started a new Dark Victorian penny dread idea. (side-eye). This is GREAT. I like it. It's very cool, and there are already words written. However, I need to get back to Everlife and all the other stories in progress. (sigh)


Whilst ICE DEMON is still with the editor, I have these . . . 


. . . sitting on back burners:

• I've had Charm School's first novella, Body Chase: The Fall of Fairer Than, still awaiting my attention after returning from the editor back in March-May. :-o

• I really need to get Charm School Graphique Vol 2 going.

Dark Victorian: Everlife (third in the Dark Victorian series) needs to be started.

Poison Garden: An Elle Black Penny Dread (second in that series), is still in pieces.

• my YA novel, Wit's World: Never Was really needs to be a book in 2015 (manuscript needs a re-write).


So instead of all that I start a new story. YAY ME.


Back to event-type things, I love my new standing banner and I hope it'll survive the next 5 events until --- well, let's see if I actually get accepted into World Con 2015, in Spokane, WA, but yes, until World Con. :) In anticipation of having more and more books in print to take to happenings, I'm trying digital download cards. What are they, you may ask? In my case, I use Bands On A Budget's Indiecards. You purchase the card with a download code in back to a website given. At the website may be stored music (hence the hosting company, Bands On A Budget), e-books, video, digital comics, and so forth for you to download.


The card pictured is for PDFs of Charm School, as you can see. My next card will be for the Dark Victorian books, both epub and kindle. And so on, AS SOON AS I finish all the great manuscripts and graphic novels in progress!




This weekend: I will be at San Diego Comic Fest, my mind Everywhere.



Thank you @Booklikes ! (and, my events forthcoming!)

Charm School Graphique Vol 1 (Volume 1) - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 5 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 6 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 7 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School #8 - Elizabeth Watasin

BookLikes fixed my Author's Page! THANK YOU BOOKLIKES. :) I just need to upload new editions that show the new photo covers for Dark Victorian: Risen and Bones. And Sundark.


Because soon the cover for ICE DEMON: A Dark Victorian Penny Dread Vol 1 will be revealed, and it really is smashing. As soon as I get the edits back from the editor (make changes, lay it out for ebook, lay it out for print book, etc), it will be a for real, smelling spanking brand new BOOOOK.


I have to go to San Diego Comic Fest next week, where I'm steampunk guest, then do Comikaze Expo 2014 the week after that. It would be ideal to have ICE DEMON ready for sale by Comikaze but realistically, there's barely time to get it printed to download cards, much less have printing approved and shipped that fast. :-/


Thus, I continue to miss events by days when debuting new stuff. HOWEVER, all new things will be ready by my book signing at Clockwork Couture, and by LosCon 2014, both in November!


I swear, events are necessary, but . . . I just want to stay home and make stuff!!! ;)


Today, hopefully I'll get to the (going to be Really Cool) cover for Dark Victorian: EVERLIFE, and maybe this weekend I'll get to merchandise.


Happy Autumn to All!

( Trying to get Charm School searchable )

Charm School Digital No 1 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 3 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 2 - Elizabeth Watasin Charm School Digital No 4 - Elizabeth Watasin

Thanks to Merry Meerkat for reviewing Charm School Digital here, I really appreciate it! All 8 issues ( #9 still has to be set up for Kindle ), are not showing up in Search despite her posts. And not on my Author's Page. I think I added these via the 'Shelve it!' BookLikes app.


The new Dark Victorian covers and the 'new' Sundark cover aren't showing either. :-/ Bwah.

from Kindle; Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer
from Kindle; Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer
Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer

A reviewer on BookLikes referred to Annihilation's story as having an overall quality of uneasiness and the reader possibly being intentionally misinformed about what was true or not (at least that was the gist I got). Something my beta-reader referred to as "the unreliable narrator". A so-so rating was given, but boy it had me intrigued. I added this title to my want list and it kept calling to me---usually an infatuation with a novel's premise dies away after a few days, but not this one. Four female team members known only by their job titles go into an isolated place called Area X to research it. They are the 12th team and are made up of an anthropologist, a surveyor, a psychologist, and a biologist, who is our narrator. Previous teams have committed suicide, killed each other, or just plain failed. The storytelling is described by reviewers as surreal or dreamlike. Could this end up a frustrating read? Possibly.


I'll have to say it fits my sensibilities perfectly. Yes, it is indeed creepy. Yes, there's ambiguity and unexplained moments and things present, but the biologist acts as our clear-eyed guide. One wonders why these sensible characters decide to join a team with a high risk factor and then we learn why. But that inability to know more is what contributes to the unease. The biologist knows only so much and like a very good scientist, observes as truthfully as possible. However, she might withhold some information (until later). And she has to discover when she has been misinformed herself. I admit, I had a tolerance for the anxiety/unease possibly because of films like Cube 2: Hypercube, where several strangers are trapped in a dangerous environment with no memory of how they got there. What a stressful film. This is nearly the same situation. The use of language or phrasing is also meant to throw us off, like the line from the psychologist that I've screenshot from my Kindle.


"Paralysis is not a cogent analysis?"---what the heck is that supposed to mean? After realising later that it didn't really mean anything (I think), but like the biologist says, was meant to be a hypnotic command only, I've decided it was a bit of deliberate misdirection on the writer's part. It's a very nice illusionist trick and it works. Make us take that literally and unsettle us, do a David Lynch. Make us watch the words on the wall just as something grabs our ankle.


The ending: no spoiler, but I got the answer needed, I accept the theory given. It's still rather surreal, and it may not satisfy. I can't say that the physical resolution gave me the wow-pow in the gut and brain I'd hoped for, but it will do. Maybe Jeff VandeMeer does it in the next books. I'm not that interested in following up, but I could be missing out.

Le Fanu's Carmilla, scholarly version!

Carmilla [Scholarly Edition with New Introduction, Annotations, Illustrations, and Appendices] (Valancourt Classics) - Sheridan LeFanu, Sheridan Le Fanu, Jamieson Ridenhour

I am really looking forward to this. I just read the free Gutenberg version and boy, is this a great Gothic and romantic ;), if you will, female vampire tale. And heck, it's rather sensual in a proper, Victorian fashion. Though Stoker's Dracula launched a thousand vampire tales 'cross time, space, and mediums, it wouldn't have happened without Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla (published 1871).


I've piles of non-fiction books set aside to research old revenant lore, because I like going all the way back to when these creatures of superstition were either more insidious (capable of returning to villages after rising from the grave and marrying and having children, yet responsible for horrible deaths at night), or grotesquely dead, like the Norse draugr. But Carmilla describes something about vampires that makes me wonder where Le Fanu's particular tradition of interpretation comes from---if he originated it, this interesting, sensual aspect of vampiric 'romantic' obsession. It's that aspect that influences Stoker's vampire, and of course gives us sensual vampires from Anne Rice's to Joss Whedon's to Stephenie Meyer's. I'm certain there's a scholarly (I'd hope) book out there already having traced this question!


From Carmilla :


"The vampire is prone to be fascinated with an engrossing vehemence,
resembling the passion of love, by particular persons. In pursuit of
these it will exercise inexhaustible patience and stratagem, for access
to a particular object may be obstructed in a hundred ways. It will
never desist until it has satiated its passion, and drained the very
life of its coveted victim. But it will, in these cases, husband and
protract its murderous enjoyment with the refinement of an epicure, and
heighten it by the gradual approaches of an artful courtship. In these
cases it seems to yearn for something like sympathy and consent. In
ordinary ones it goes direct to its object, overpowers with violence,
and strangles and exhausts often at a single feast."


~Sheridan Le Fanu, Carmilla


It yearns for something like sympathy and consent. *That* is evil, fascinating, and hot. :D

New erotic genre: Nerdrotica!

Steam Bunny: A Little Miss Kick-Ass Erotic Novella - Felicity Kates, Piper Denna

( . . . I think! Felicity Kates may have written the first. I also could not help writing a review in Stan Lee's voice. It should start: "TRUE BELIEVERS--" )


The nerd-verse would implode if it had hot bodies and hot minds like Casey and Lucas. A fantasy nerd’rotica sex romp: drop into the geek world of cosplay and pop culture conventions but dial it up to a super-sexy muse vs. her Alpha-sexy artist. Marriage is not what Casey wants in a relationship and her guy is not happy. Who will win in this hot-tempered match amidst high stake deals and speculations about the future of their wildly successful book, Steam Bunny? Casey and Lucas battle it out, heart to heart, body to body, in this romance-clash that’s an enjoyable sex-fest between two talented equals.





Now, straight erotica is not quite my thing---the fact that I prefer girlz probably dampens my ability to get turned on by hot male/female sex games. But I won't rate a story based on my personal needs (or ignorance). I figure Steam Bunny is a worthy addition to a certain type of popular romance-combo.